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cw // nsfw , skts , age gap , overstimulation — woke up with the hazy thought of an older atsumu being fucked by his younger partner kiyoomi, and how it's more difficult for him to get it up after he's had an orgasm and kiyoomi who /lives/ to know how fucked out atsumu looks +

when kiyoomi just keeps going even after atsumu came, half-hard cock resting against his lower belly splattered with cum, expression twisted in pained pleasure and voice already hoarse from his sobs and moans earlier. "can I?" kiyoomi bites out between each thrust. +

"can I keep—" /keep fucking you, keep using your heat, keep driving you higher even when your body can't keep up/ and atsumu whimpers his assent, even as his knees shake and his cock refuses to grow any harder because biology is against him, but he /squeezes/ +

and the next thing he knows, kiyoomi is pulling himself out and atsumu manages to get out a whine before kiyoomi's shushing him affectionately, tells him to roll over, "wanna get deeper, atsu," and the position will be murder on atsumu's knees but he wants that too. +

wants to ride out the feeling of kiyoomi's thick cock spreading him open, dragging against that spot inside him while large hands hold him up by his jaw and soft belly, and it's /a lot/ for atsumu, all of that pleasure with nowhere to go, so he shakes in kiyoomi's capable arms. +

whimpers and drools while kiyoomi takes from him, kiyoomi's younger, stronger body pressed flush against his back, kiyoomi's nose pressed in atsumu's grey-streaked brown hair, and atsumu doesn't bother figuring out if he has a dry orgasm or if his body just keeps him on edge +

the entire time kiyoomi chases his own climax, and it ends with atsumu slumped against his sheets, soft cock leaking onto the fabric and fingers clutching his pillow desparately as kiyoomi's movements turn jerky, still managing to hit atsumu's prostrate every other thrust. +

"omi," atsumu mumbles, nearly delirious, and it's enough for kiyoomi at last, slamming his hips one last time against atsumu's ass, no doubt bruising it. perhaps atsumu's body can't keep up with the virility of his younger partner, but he loves this anyway. +

how kiyoomi takes two, three deep inhales before he gets up and checks over atsumu, still buried inside atsumu's heat, soft kisses placed on slack lips until kiyoomi gets him to respond, slow and halfway to passing out. "okay?" kiyoomi breathes, and atsumu gives a dopey grin. +

"mazin'," atsumu slurs out, causing kiyoomi to huff. "glad to hear that. wouldn't have wanted to give you a heart attack." "I'm not /that/ old, asshole." he really isn't, but atsumu knows kiyoomi worries anyway, and cuts him off before kiyoomi starts spouting health facts. +

"clean up, c'mon," and between the both of them they manage to get themselves in the bathroom, and neither of them know who's holding each other up more, because what matters is they get back in bed as quick as they can, succumbing to rest at last. // END.

this was supposed to be three tweets max, sigh

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