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#SakuAtsu, nsfw, public sex when kiyoomi asks arsumu what he wants to do, atsumu responds with something kiyoomi has never thought he would ever do "i want ya a fuck me in public" kiyoomi's breath hitched as he heard these words come out of his lover's mouth.

he cleared his throat, re-positioning himself as he stood infront of the local konbini with atsumu. "its okay if ya don't want to, i understand" kiyoomi couldn't find thr right words to describe how he felt in that moment. he wasn't even horny, but for atsumu, he'd do it.

"alright, if that's what you want" atsumu's eyes widened. "w-wait, really?!" kiyoomi didn't say anything, instead, he took the garbage out of atsumu's hands and went to throw it out. he walked back over and wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed him.

"anything for you~" atsumu smiled as he took kiyoomi by his hands and walked them to a near by alley way. "here?" kiyoomi questioned as he watched agsumu lean against the brick wall. "why not?" kiyoomi chuckled and walked up to atsumu, leaning in and kissing him.

this time, more rough. with his hands trailing down atsumu's waist to the rim of his sweatpants. atsumu did the same. kiyoomi made atsumu turn sound so he chest was up against the wall as kiyoomi tugged on his pants, pulling them down to his ankles.

kiyoomi had aligned himself up with atsumu and began entering slowly. spreading his ass apart so he can get a better view on what he was doing. "ah hah~" kiyoomi let go atsumu's ass and put on hand on his hip and the other over his mouth.

"shh atsu, we don't want people hearing us" the sound of their bodies colliding echoed through the alley way as atsumu tried so hard not to moan. a moan slipped from kiyoomi's lips as he went faster. atsumu couldn't help but moan as he felt kiyoomi go deeper inside of him.

"ah hah o-omi m g-gonna c-" atsumu was cut off my kiyoomi covering his mouth once more as he gave atsumu's ass a hard slap. "you cum when i say so" atsumu arched his back at kiyoomi's stern voice. kiyoomi lifted atsumu's leg up, holding him in the same position

as he fucked him vigorously. atsumu felt like he was going to explode as he felt his stomach filling up. "o-omi p-please" "cum atsu for me atsu"

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