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Agenda Buster (ST⭐R Boy)



World Ideologies (Thread Series) Episode 1 : Right Wing and Left Wing The French Revolution In this thread, U will know: - What is Conservative n What is Liberal ideology - What is RW and LW - How they came - How ideologies of Democracy, equality, FoE came 1/12

Lets go to 400 years back : 1622 And imagine the world of that time There was no democracy, no nation only Kingdoms. No industry, no media, no petrol diesel. Their small village was their small world. Society was based on an imagined order of God. King was supreme authority

n son of King used to become King coz God chose him. Priest was supreme religious authority n only his son used to become Priest coz God chose him n other people were happy coz they used to believe its God decision n there was no revolt.

It used to be called doctrine of divine order. And then started intellectual movement n credit goes to philosophers n scientist born in that era during 1600 - 1750 Earlier people used to believe, earth is center n sun revolves around it coz it was written in Bible but

Gallio said in 1615 that its wrong actually Sun in center and earth rotates around it. French philosopher Rene Descartes said in 1637 "cogito, ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am") n people started to think, started to ask question. Newton gave its equation and concept of

Gravity in 1687. So in that era, lot of intellectual things happened n people started to question "Doctrine of divine right of God" European Society was divided in 3 parts that time. 1. Nobility - King n members of royal court 2. Clergy - Priest 3. Peasant - Farmers n others

There was no equality While Nobility n clergy used to be considered privilege class, Peasant used to be considered lower class. Now Lets move to France During 1756 - 1763 a war happened between Britain n France that destroyed economy of France

In 1774 - King Louis 16 became new king of France At that time all Peasant class had to give a religious tax to clergy and a nobility tax to nobility. In 1776 : America that was controlled by British, declared war against British n got independence. France helped America in it

It further destroyed economy of France in 1776 - a secret society Illu mina ti was formed in Germany that was funded by wealthy Capitalist n used to have liberal views In 1778, one more war happened between France and Britain that lasted for 5 years

By 1783, France economy was destroyed by wars and famine. Common public was dying due to hunger n that time King Louise decided to build one new Royal place for him at Versailles Queen was hedonist and extravagancy King imposed more tax on Peasant Class

Now angry peasant class started to oppose King and demanded equal rights as Nobility n Clergy enjoying and a new system. They started revolution. Revolutionary were called Liberals or Radicals Other side Nobility n Clergy wanted to continue same old system

They said that this differentiation was made by God n it sud not be challenged. They were called traditionalist or Conservatives. Peasants that were poor but they were more than 90% started revolution against King, Nobility n Clergy.

When French revolution intensified, then King called a general assembly n invited all 3 section in 1789. What happened next ? Did liberals get equal rights ? Why French revolution is considered milestone in human history ? To be continued.... In next episode 13/13

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