Welcome to my #DarkJunjun agenda! After spamming my 2 friends' DMs for so long, I decided to make this a threadfic~ This is CEO!GJ x Sugarbaby!ZZH #JunZhe #LLD

So gj and zzh are out drinking and zzh being the lightweight he is, he drank too much and is black-out drunk so gj has to drop him off at his home Now, zzh is flirty and sajiao-ing with gj even sober but the more drunk he got the worse it was

By now, gj is basically carrying him and zzh is being absolutely no help, in fact he’s fully leaning into gj as much as he can, giggling like a teenager with a crush (he does have a crush). He’s just BEGGING for gj to f*ck him with the way he’s behaving

But he’s also just so drunk. Gj is carrying him bc he can’t walk in a straight line anymore and the closer they get to zzh’s home the more he’s almost falling asleep. By the time gj gets zzh into his bed he’s passed out

And gj has a problem now. the problem is zzh. Bc zzh is passed out on his bed, in no state to get changed, not reacting to gj's attempts to rouse him. And the way he looks is making gj want to just /take/ him (gj isn't exactly sober either)

The thing is that zzh was – as usual – sweating a lot and the alcohol just made things worse. Now he looks flushed, cheeks red, strands of his hair sticking to his face and the way he’s breathing with his mouth open…

He’s also only wearing a thin white t-shirt that’s basically see-through by now, the neckline so deep gj can see half his chest and the fabric is clinging to his skin, highlighting the way his stiff nipples peak up

Also there’s a tent in zzh’s pants that gj couldn’t ignore if he wanted to. Not that he does

But gj is a nice guy and sleeping in his clothes can’t be comfortable for zzh so he gets to divesting his “friend” off his clothes. But really, gj just wants to see zzh naked and if zzh won’t show him when he’s awake and sober he’ll just have to take a look while he’s passed out

It’s totally zzh’s fault anyway – if he wasn’t always seducing gj, he wouldn’t be doing this So gj starts by taking off zzh's shoes and then takes off his t-shirt, saving his pants for later

Taking the t-shirt off is a bit tricky, getting it over his head and all that but it’s totally worth it. Zzh is now half naked before him and god, he looks way too good and so deliciously defenseless and gj wants to wreck him

He smiles a little, aware the best is yet to come and reaches for zzh’s pants instead. ‘They really don’t look comfortable to sleep in’, gj reasons like a hypocrite bc he really just wants to see zzh completely naked, and pulls them off

Now zzh is completely naked, lying passed out on his bed, arms next to his head and he’s still a bit sweaty but his nipples are stiff and his c*ck is half-hard “Beautiful”, gj breathes out, feeling his own c*ck stir in his pants. He’s so turned on

Gj leans over to brush a finger over zzh’s nipple. Zzh lets out a quiet “mmmh” but nothing more and doesn’t move either. He hasn’t shown signs of waking up even while gj was taking off his clothes

Gj wonders how far he’ll be able to go, how much he’ll be able to do to zzh without him waking up

He rubs zzh’s nipples alternately between his fingers and flicks them. Zzh lets out more little noises, his breathing speeding up and every once in a while, he twitches a little or trembles. He doesn’t wake up though

When gj finally stops it's bc his gaze strays down to zzh's c*ck, just to see that he's completely hard now and leaking everywhere

And gj really can’t just leave him like that, can he? He climbs onto the bed, spreading zzh’s legs and kneels between them to take zzh’s c*ck into his hand

Some spit and the pre-come is enough for the glide to be smooth and it doesn’t take long at all until zzh comes, especially when gj reaches up to continue abusing his nipples Zzh still doesn't wake up

Gj is panting as he looks down at zzh, his stomach a mess of come, boneless from both unconsciousness and the orgasm

“Perfect”, he murmurs. Zzh looks… defiled, exactly like he’d just been violated and gj didn’t exactly think he was this kind of a person but he loves it. That he’s the only one who sees zzh like this, that he’s the one who made zzh look like this

By now gj is relatively certain zzh won’t wake up through anything, so he doesn’t hold back anymore. He turns zzh over onto his stomach, kneeling over his thighs with his own legs on both sides of zzh’s

He makes sure zzh’s face is turned to the side so he can breathe and then he grabs handfuls of zzh’s ass He really wants to slap it but he also doesn’t want to risk waking zzh up

He wants to slap his ass (and whip it) until both cheeks are red and raw and zzh can't sit down for days As he looks up to zzh’s face pressed into the mattress, all his fantasies come out in full force. He wants to do so many things to zzh

He wants to choke him so he gets just enough air to stay conscious, so he’s delirious from the lack of oxygen. He wants to choke zzh until he passes out and do it again when he comes to, make him pass out over and over again

He wants to twist and pull and bite at zzh's nipples until they're all red and sensitive. Until the slightest brush of fabric over them is enough for a spark of pleasure to jolt through zzh, torturing him all day for days on end

He wants to leave bites and bruises on zzh’s skin, wants to mark him, claim him as his own. He wants to leave marks on his neck to show that zzh is taken, that no one is allowed near him. He wants to f*ck him in public, in front of the whole world to show zzh belongs to him

He wants to f*ck zzh's face, wants to force his c*ck down zzh's throat, make him choke on it until he has tears in his eyes and continue until zzh can't see through them. He wants to f*ck zzh's throat until his voice is a wreck so everyone will know what he did

He wants to come down zzh's throat, make him swallow every last drop of his come. He wants to come all over zzh's face and his hair, mark him with his come, let him drown in the smell of it

He wants to jerk zzh off, blow him, bring him to one orgasm after another until he can’t take it anymore, until his balls are empty, releasing no more sperm, until his c*ck can’t even get hard anymore

He wants zzh to beg him to let him off and he wants to ignore him and keep going anyway He wants to f*ck zzh. He wants to open him up with his fingers and f*ck him with his c*ck and come inside him

He wants to force his c*ck inside him with no preparation or no lube or without either. He wants to keep f*cking zzh until he's all loose and gaping. He wants zzh to feel it for days, wants him to be unable to sit or walk properly

He wants to come inside zzh so much that his stomach bulges, making him look pregnant, showing how gj has claimed him. He wants to make zzh addicted to his c*ck until he begs to be taken, spreading his legs on his own

He wants to f*ck him with his fist, wants to see how just far he can stretch him, how deep he can force his hand or toys, how many things he can make zzh take up his ass

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