awakening bhārata 🇮🇳

awakening bhārata 🇮🇳



#Thread 1/n Gen Bipin Rawat was right. The man who coined term "Two & Half Front War" 0.5 front[Enemies inside] Recently, CJI Ramana said in event Foreign companies worked against Indian vaccine & many in India [like WIRE] sought to ensure that Covaxin doesn't get recognition

2/n It's FIFTH-GENERATION WARFARE. Conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action such as Social Engineering MISINFORMATION Cyber attacks along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence & fully autonomous systems. A war of "Information & perception"

3/n Lets understand with an example. Remember Greta Thunberg's TOOLKIT? Deleted after it revealed global designs against India, campaign underway since at least Nov-20 Document clarifies that it's NOT an organic wave of support but well-planned PROPAGANDA against Indian gov🇮🇳

4/n When people noticed what was in those documents, the international campaign against India suffered a major blow. Although Greta Thunberg has deleted the tweet, but the DAMAGE was already done.

5/n Document shared by Greta listed series of actions that people across world could take to support ‘farmer protests’ & also listed actions that had been undertaken Document also made it clear that global attempts to incite unrest in India had begun prior to Republic Day riots

6/n The documents also contained tweets that could be posted to build pressure against the Indian Government. - a well-planned PROPAGANDA against the Indian government.

7/n Access to Toolkit documents has been made private after the backlash prompted by the tweet made by Greta Thunberg. & If we searched a few tweets, we found these results. The results show that the campaign has been ongoing since at least November 2020.

8/n Earlier,celebrities & politicians including Rihanna Greta Mia Khalifa Canadian MP & others had come forward in support of farmer protests But document shared by Greta has made it clear that IT IS PART OF A LARGER CONSPIRACY TO CAUSE UNREST IN INDIA

9/n Greta was JUST 1 example Intelligence Bureau report👇 “The concerted effort by select FOREIGN FUNDED NGOs to “TAKE DOWN” Indian developmental projects”, Negative effects of such ANTI-developmental activities on GDP growth is estimated to be at 2-3%

10/n Nov-2021 The Indian army wants to take Brahmos missile to the China border. BUT CAN NOT. because matter is stuck in "court" NGO is unnecessarily or INTENTIONALLY stretching the matter! How can we EVEN CONSIDER THIS decision as a matter of debate?

11/n NGO's are actually raising concern for the interest of CHINA! Although I don't have proof to substantiate this but I believe some NGOs must have been receiving huge funding from foreign territory. Taking BrahMos to the China border: Ecology vs security!

12/n The roads that we have planned to construct are pretty much resistant to land slides, this argument (entire case) by the NGO is unnecessarily or INTENTIONALLY stretching the matter.

13/n Supreme Court is unnecessarily escalating this issue in a clear sense of practicality, Government of India🇮🇳 is right. Central should bring ordinance preventing unnecessary interruptions by such NGOs in matters of NATIONAL SECURITY.

14/n 1-1-2022 Chinese video from #GalwanValley was from well inside Chinese side of LAC near their base camp. As usual filmed from angles designed to poke & taunt, because PROPAGANDA is an instrument China has employed Indians who were sharing that video,getting used by china

15/n In the past,do you remember? “foreign funded NGOs to “TAKE DOWN” Indian developmental projects” 1.Narmada Bachao Andolan 2.Coal fired power plants 3.Genetically modified organisms 4.Posco Orissa 5.Vedanta Orissa 6.Nuclear infrastructure 7.Agitations against extractive ind

16/n The Intelligence Bureau report dated June 3, 2014 on “The concerted effort by select foreign funded NGOs to “take down” Indian developmental projects” names seven “protest movements” as significant anti-developmental activities.

17/n The report begins prominently by saying that negative effects of such anti-developmental activities on GDP growth is estimated to be at 2-3%.

18/n “Foreign funded NGOs to “TAKE DOWN” Indian developmental projects” 1.Narmada Bachao Andolan -Megha Patkar's NGO received SAME AMOUNT OF 5,96,294 in 1 DAY FROM 20 different people in 2005 मेधा पाटकर के NGO को 2005 में एक ही दिन 20 अलग-अलग लोग एक समान धनराशि 5,96,294 देते है

19/n In all certainty,this would land you in the net of the investigating agencies, But... This is NOT the case with so called "environmental activist" Medha Patkar, despite receiving such suspicious funds, has evaded law enforcement for 17 years. 🔻

20/n For 30 YEARS AAP Gujarat candidate Medha Patkar who lost Lok Sabha elections,had done her best to DELAY the Narmada Dam project. Aamir khan whose #LalSinghChaddha will release now, also supported then in 2006 Today the same Narmada Dam irrigates 900 villages in 3 states.

21/n Lacs of cases are pending in SC, some of them are going on from last 2 generations BUT #SupremeCourtofIndia didn't have "time"! Even they don't wanna hear about genocide victim Kashmiri Pandits. BUT SC opens at 3 am for TERRORISTS, They have time for rioters & Rohigyas!

22/n Again #SupremeCourtofIndia A 4 year old girl is kidnapped, brutally RAPED till unconscious & suffocated till killed by heart attack. Her RAPIST & MURDERER Mohd. FIROZ won’t get a death sentence. As UU Lalit,Ravindra Bhat,Bela Trivedi believes “Every Sinner has a future”

23/n well again #SupremeCourtofIndia A man was sent to jail in 2019 for diluting milk in 1995! BUT... Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus committed in 1990 CANNOT be probed!

24/n अब न्यायपालिका मे सुधार का समय आ गया है... न्याय जनता का अधिकार है। जज की जवाबदेही तय होनी चाहिए। देरी से न्याय के लिए जज पर जुर्माना लगना चाहिए जज की संख्या बढे। कोर्ट मे category wise FIFO पद्धति लागु हो। #SupremeCourtofIndia

25/n Teesta Setalvad A Fraud activist who- - Tutored 22 people to become witness who actually didn't even witness riots. - Used Zakia Jafri to run campaign agnst NaMo - Misused funds to incite communal disharmony. - Brought expensive Liquor, mobile from riot victim fund.

26/n Former IPS officer RB Sreekumar, arrested by Gujarat Police today for fake & misleading information on post-Godhra Gujarat violence And framing scientist Nambi Narayanan in the fake 'ISRO spy case'

27/n Our system is such that anybody can say any loose statement & get away with that. I'm very happy to note that Former IPS RB Sreekumar has been arrested because there is limit for everything & he is crossing all the limits in terms of decency - ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan

28/n Read ISRO scientist Dr Nambi Narayanan’s spine-chilling testimony on how Former IPS Sreekumar oversaw his framing & brutal torture And by doing so single-handedly set back our cryogenic research by decades. #NambiNarayanan

29/n A Fake ISRO spy case. ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan was falsely charged & suffered for 24 years. The first indigenous cryogenic engine would have made in 1999 itself, It finally took flight in 2014. Such inside Enemies in this country pushed our nation 15 years back.

30/n Maulana #SalmanNadwi who attended interfaith meeting with NSA Doval,backtracks on proposal to ban PFI. had earlier sworn allegiance to ISIS. The conference passed resolution to ban PFI involved in radicalism,Recent killing of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur or Bihar terror module.

31/n Couple of days ago this very same maulana #SalmanNadwi was bear-hugging NSA Ajit Doval & shaking his hands animatedly at the Inter faith religious unity meet, And asking for the PFI to be banned. Now he says exact opposite, praises PFI (Islamist org Popular Front of India)

32/n Turns out this man, Maulana Salman Nadwi, had congratulated Al Baghdadi on becoming a caliph. And even expressed his excitement at establishment of ISIS (Islamist terrorist organization) After all this & still #SalmanNadwi was present in meeting with NSA Doval Last Week.

33/n Aamir khan & Atul were involved in Narmada Anadolan (whose #LalSinghChaddha will release) with so called "environmental activist" Medha Patkar. Foreign funded NGOs to TAKE DOWN Indian developmental projects Recently Greta's TOOLKIT Gen Rawat was right 2 & Half Front War

34/n Who is Mohsin Ahmad? 1. Active ISIS member arrested by NIA from Batla house,Delhi 2. He was collecting funds from ISIS sympathizers & sending those funds to various places in form of cryptocurrency for ISIS activities AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan defending him due to religion

35/n कोई भी आतंकी-दंगाई अरेस्ट होता है तो AAP का विधायक उसके बचाव में उतर आता है। चाहे ताहिर हुसैन हो या ISIS का कल पकड़ा गया आतंकी Mohsin Ahmad या बाटला हाउस एनकाउंटर। बाटला हाउस एनकाउंटर को केजरीवाल भी फेक बता चुका है। ये कट्टर आतंकी समर्थक खुद को कट्टर देशभक्त बताते हैं।

36/n Umar Khalid - supporter & sympathizer of terrorist Afzal Guru & terrorist Burhan Wani. Kashmir is occupied by India ~ Umar Khalid. cc - @AskAnshul

37/n "Maqbool wale Azadi, Afzal wale Azadi...Hum kya chahte Azadi.." These slogans were raised in the support of terrorist Afzal Guru and terrorist Maqbool Bhat. And, Umar Khalid want such 'Azadi' for terrorists.

38/n "Tum kitne Afzal maroge, har ghar se Afzal niklega...Tum kitne Maqbool maroge, har ghar se Maqbool niklega" ~ Umar Khalid. Slogans for terrorist Afzal Guru and terrorist Maqbool Bhat were chanted by Umar Khalid.

39/n In 2016, Courageous Umar Khalid deleted his facebook post on terrorist Burhan Wani. Or isko laga kisi ko pata nahi chalega? Umar Khalid was not only praising terrorist Burhan Wani in his post but he also mentioned 'Free Kashmir' in the name of terrorist Wani.

40/n Umar Khalid's post on terrorist Afzal Guru from his old (deleted) Facebook account. Courageous Umar Khalid deleted his facebook account when video of his anti India slogans & pro terrorists slogans went viral.

41/n Here are some more posts from Umar Khalid's old (deleted) Facebook account. Umar Khalid announced about the protests to support Kashmir azadi, terrorist Afzal Guru, terrorist Maqbool Bhat.

42/n Posters of terrorist Afzal Guru with slogan of 'Kashmir mange Azadi' under the instruction of Umar Khalid.

43/n Slogan for support terrorist Afzal Guru. "Tum kitne Afzal maroge, har ghar se Afzal niklega" ~ Umar Khalid. "Kashmir is occupied by India" ~ Umar Khalid.

44/n Recently, CJI Ramana said in event Foreign companies worked against Indian vaccine & many in India (like the WIRE) sought to ensure that Covaxin doesn't get recognition Bharat Biotech filed a defamation suit against The Wire, its editors & writers

45/n Bharat Biotech filed ₹100 crore defamation suit against ‘The Wire’ for publishing FALSE articles on Bharat Biotech & COVAXIN with a MALICIOUS intent to undermine the reputation of Bharat Biotech. Andhra Court ordered @thewire_in to take down those 14 articles immediately.

46/n 'The Quint' whitewashed Delhi rioter Shahrukh Pathan's crime, & told how good he's as son & friend and he used gun just to disperse crowd. 'Son and friend' was cunningly removed when people questioned The Quint's propaganda.

47/n Agenda driven Bollywood Set FALSE narrative in the name of entertainment A scene in #83Movie where Pakistan Army stopped firing so that Indian Army could watch world Cup final Reality - Pakistani Army commits ceasefire violations on a regular basis

48/n Usual propaganda. #LaalSinghChaddha a copy of #ForrestGump from scene to scene but modified 1 scene. While Forrest Gump had rescued his OWN UNIT CHIEF Lieutenant Dan in Vietnam. Laal Singh Chaddha here rescues a Pakistani TERRORIST named Mohammad.

49/n Set FALSE narrative in the name of entertainment. Let us not even go into implausibility of how a trained Indian Army🇮🇳 soldier cannot differentiate between his own Army & TERRORISTS! #Bollywood compulsive propaganda peddling habits have perhaps overwhelmed common sense.

50/n Not sure about #LaalSinghChadha but in Forrest Gump, Lieutenant Dan is NOT from the ENEMY side. He was an American soldier just like Tom Hanks chatter character. So basically #LSC is nothing but a FAKE attempt at building the narrative that there are "good TERRORISTS" too

51/n India was MAJOR copper exporter but with shutting down of Sterlite plant, it has now turned into a net importer. Pakistan gains from Sterlite plant,Its copper exports to China surge 400% “Concerted effort by FOREIGN FUNDED NGOs to TAKE DOWN Indian developmental projects”

52/n 18th August 2022: Inquiry Commission report by the Justice Aruna Jagadeeshan has not found any “specific evidence” that points to the involvement of sterlite, as claimed by a few "activist" groups. Ref -

53/n - Vedanta alleges Chinese hand in Sterlite plant closure. And propaganda against Sterlite plant in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

54/n External forces were active @ protest site Various Churches also played major role in protest against Sterlite plant Members of Catholic Fernandez community that lives in settlement along Thoothukudis coast,marched to collectors office from local ‘Our Lady of Snows’ church

55/n -Chinese companies with import interests funded protest. When protests were planned, during the Sunday mass, the father at church urged the community to join the protest in large numbers This is confessed by a person named Sarairani, from the fishing village of Threspuram

56/n Pastor Mohan Lazarus played major role in anti-Sterlite protests in Thoothukudi where he asked villagers to demand closure of Sterlite plant. He is the same person who said in 2018 that, only in Tamil Nadu you can see big temples which are satan’s (demon) strongholds.

57/n So called activist Fatima Babu with Samarendra Das at ANTI-Sterlite consultative meeting at Hotel DSF in Thoothukudi Pastor Mohan Lazarus Nityanand Jayaraman & Raja Sornavel also incited villagers for protest against Sterlite All 5 are the mastermind of ANTI-Sterlite stir

58/n & Now people from 14 villages are demanding for the RE-OPENING of the Sterlite Copper plant. People from villages are now saying that we raised the pamphlets THEY GAVE & chanted the slogans THEY TAUGHT us. Only after the plant got shut, we UNDERSTOOD that we were cheated.

59/n Such problems wont solve till GoI start cracking down heavily on Anti India crooks & common people need to understand the objectives of these ANTI national elements & stay away from their schemes & freebies Its time rethink & reopen Sterlite plant Shut down is NOT solution

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