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Niels KNK



Most people don't have an internal moral compass. They'll simply adapt to whatever is the norm If you date a girl without an internal moral compass & all her friends tell her it's cool to cheat, she'll cheat on you So find yourself a girl with her own moral compass

Funny thing is, guys will reject girls who have their own moral compass because it Doesn't allign perfectly with theirs But that's the thing with having your own moral compass. It's unique so will never fit 100% with anyone else's Actually a warning sign if she agrees 100%

Girls without their own moral compass will agree with whomever is the strongest influence in their lives. If that person is you, she'll always agree with you But she is like a plastic bag in the wind. Any other strong influence will blow her in a different direction

Girls with their own moral compass will disagree with you more, but They will be more resilient against outside forces Most girls won't cheat because they're told its wrong. A girl with a moral compass won't cheat because it's against her own beliefs Huge difference

How to find a girl with her own moral compass? It's mostly something you just have to learn to spot. See if she always goes with the flow or holds her ground Only good predictor I've found is if she comes from a good family with strong morals

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