Jimmy Farley

Jimmy Farley



Want to see what a $3 million+ organic TikTok brand looks like? Let’s break down this brand’s organic success and some strategies you can take home today 🧵👇

1. Perfect product for TikTok I can’t think of a better product for TikTok than slime… The average age demographic matches perfect and the product is very visually appealing which keeps viewers engaged. These types of products always perform crazy well on TikTok.

2. Great face of the brand The owner and “face” of the brand is a cheerful woman named Andrea. She is an amazing narrator and the followers seem to love her (rare on TT). She brings huge levels trust to the brand and I’m sure drives their revenue through the roof. 💰

3. Weekly drops This is something that I think is really cool and unique about Peachy Slime… They only sell their slime on Fridays at 7pm. And apparently they sell 1000s of slimes in matter of MINUTES every single time.

This level of hype seems to be working wonders for them. Plus every week they bring in multiple new slimes, so people never get bored of the product and want to keep collecting more… Genius. 🤯

4. Platform diversification Another great move Peachy Slime made was funneling their organic traffic to their IG, YT and even a second TT too now… This gives them a safety net if their main TT account ever goes down or is not performing. Creative CTAs in their vids did this!

5. Amazing quality and branding Last but not least, Peachy Slime also just seems to make awesome products. I mean, they literally get 1000s customer posts on IG/TikTok and even had KIM KARDASHIAN posting for them recently… Quality is a key aspect that too many forget!! 🤘

/ END OF THREAD / Hope this was of value to you all. Threads aren’t the easiest to write, so any retweets, likes or shares are always appreciated! Let’s keep crushing TikTok 💪

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