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cw: atsuosa, omegaverse, dubcon Mean Alpha Atsumu depriving his little omega twin brother his knot despite all the pleading Osamu does whether he is in heat or not. Osamu just couldn't take anymore that he finally finds the opportunity to immobilized Atsumu +

tying his wrists above his head and stuffs his mouth in case he uses his alpha voice to control Osamu. Osamu finally sinks Atsumu's thick cock into his slicked drenched hole, riding and fucking himself on top of his brother who's groaning and glaring daggers at him +

but Osamu's pheromones are so concentrated in the air that Atsumu couldn't control his hips jerking to thrust his dick into that welcoming hole of Osamu. The scent nearly putting him in a trance-like state and nudging awake his pure instincts to breed this desperate omega +

right in front of him with his pups. This time, he ponders maybe he went too far for being mean to his twin to make him do this. Only does Atsumu snap out of it when his knot inches closer. His muffled protests heard by no one as Osamu proceeds to +

bounce on Atsumu's cock and sinks deeper when he senses the knot swelling. The moan crawling out of his mouth almost sounds so blissful as he feels his ass being filled up to his womb.

Osamu collapses on Atsumu's chest, heaving whilst a contented smile stretches across his face, and remains steady with the knot still stuck inside him. "Yer pups are mine, 'Tsumu..."

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