infinite versions: a thread. (read this if you’re having trouble seeing something differently)

there are infinite states of consciousness, we can become conscious of ANYTHING anytime. consciousness is what makes up our life. it’s simply awareness.

most people get into the law with the attitude “well how can i believe i have what i want if..” then they list their circumstances such as:

“he told me he never wants to see me again” or “they told me they’d never hire me” a lot of the time it’s something that sounds final and it makes people feel it’s impossible before they’ve even started. if that’s you, this is the thread for you.

the first thing to understand is we are not trying to change anything or anyone. our mind is constantly shown in our life and therefore we change our mind, not the things or people involved. we change our perception.

next people say “but i can’t, it’s so hard” this is because you’re still trying to change the person you see. you’re focusing on an undesirable thing, wondering how to change it. that’s also wrong.

you take your focus AWAY from the undesirable and put your awareness onto something favourable. this is where infinite versions come into it because some people can’t imagine the current way the person is, changing.

there are infinite versions of everything and everyone, everything has already been created bc creation is finished. there is a state of mind for everything which means nothing needs to be created, it needs to be recognised as something you have anyway by changing ur attitude.

there is a version of you out there that is a millionaire, has a pet snake, has your sp and more. there is also a version of you that doesn’t have your sp, is poor and hated etc. a version of your sp that loves you or doesn’t want you. you choose.

because everything is already created, you already are the version of yourself that you want to be. your sp is also already the version of them you want them to be, you just have to recognise and become aware they already exist because they do and always have done.

when you lost something, you didn’t really lose it. you just became conscious of the version of you that didn’t have it and by doing that, you got into the state of mind of that version of you. that’s all you have to do to get it back.

so don’t worry about changing anything, leave that version alone and become conscious of the version that ALREADY exists and is everything you want. that way you won’t feel the need to try or get anything but simply know it’s already done. because it is.

it’s important to remember these versions don’t exist on different times, they are not in the future. these infinite versions all exist at the SAME TIME. the undesirable and desirable exist at the same time. it’s your awareness that brings it into being.

you can either be the version of you that doesn’t have it, trying everything to change things or you can be aware of the version of you that already has it. this is the same as everyone is you pushed out, this is you simply changing your perception of yourself and the world.

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