β€” imperfectly perfect (a zan & eve outtake) who in their right mind would wait for someone for five years? or the real question isβ€” are you willing to wait for your someone for years?

β€” was it worth it?

β€” 1

β€” 2

β€” 3

β€” 4

β€” 5

β€” 6

β€” 7

β€” 8

β€” 9

β€” 10

β€” 11

β€” 12

β€” 13

β€” 14

β€” 15

β€” 16

β€” 17

β€” 18

β€” 19

β€” 20

β€” 21

β€” 22

β€” 23

β€” 24

don’t ask for a z & e angst na dahil hindi β€˜yun nag e-exist kay kelly the green flag xori

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