Logan :/

Logan :/



NSFW | #miyacest competition The miya twins go through school making bets on tests, who would do better etc, the forfeits for losing arent bad, stick your hand in the mud. Go yell as loud as you can. They were simple and innocent only when theyre in highschool do the forfeits +

get more and more interesting, at first its 'kiss me' flushed faces and fear of rejection, but like everything else between them, it comes easily. Being together comes easier than being apart, identical lips pressed to one another, hands wandering. they pull away shy and content+

Exam season comes, along with nationals, thus began the usual statements "i bet ill score more serves" "ill get higher than you in Science" and to people around them its normal, its friendly competition, but once theyre home and Osamu is on his knees under the desk in their +

still shared bedroom, his mouth stretched wide and full of cock, Atsumu's previous loads of cum dripping down his chin and chest, forever ruining the tshirt he has on, his hair stuck to his forehead from the sweat and his cock rock hard in his jeans, he realises he maybe should +

have studied more for that quiz, only a 5% difference but now he has to take five loads of his brothers cum however his blond counterpart wants.

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