Spartan Psyche

Spartan Psyche



If you're a man from age 20-50, read this :

There comes a time in every man's life when your entire being reverberates with displeasure. Your body, mind and soul are screaming out in agony, begging for change. Your ineptitude and lack of self care has reached it's peak. You know it's time now to change. This is how.

1) Recognise the demon Excessive thinking, corrosive habits, negativity, disorder and chaos is demonic. It lives in your subconscious and is vile and manipulative Its brought to life by you because you are inattentive Recognise it and seek strength to overpower it.

2) Quest for your Angel Darkness is nothing but the absence of light. To fight your demons, you need light to penetrate into your soul. Go on a quest to find your Angel. Your Lightbringer. Religion, fitness, education, entrepreneurship - Anything to get you out of your head

3) Your demon isn't special All of your demons have haunted others before. Even the most well - adjusted, confident, successful people have thoughts of inadequacy. Learn from these warriors, study them. Be inspired by their triumphs. It means you can do it too.

4) Fake friend This is where you pretend to befriend the shadow. Gain it's confidence, study it. Find out what it feeds on. What makes it stronger It's weaknesses. Eventually we will starve it.

5) Ammo and Allies The battle will be hard fought. It will drag on for ages. But you have to engage. You have to win. No war is fought without ammunition and allies. Find tools to help you be productive, friends to keep you accountable. Allies will win you this war.

6) Plunge into Power - Take Action You will always be shackled to mediocrity if you do not take action. You control your limitations and successes. Resolve you will no longer be a slave, Take purposeful action. Burn down your shackles.

7) Shadow vs Light When you feel resistance, don't run, stand firm and face your demon. Become fearless. Be prepared to fight as long as it takes. Eventually, the demon's energy will run out because you do not feed it. It will dissolve into nothingness, never to return.

Obviously I am speaking in metaphors here. But the understanding is plain. Your habits and systems define the quality of your life. Terrible ones are no less than demons that possess you. Fight them.

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