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This thumbnail & title is probably the BEST one I've seen this month. Simple, but very well thought. Here's why- (However, this type of titles & thumbnails can HARM your video too, 5th tweet tells why) (1/n)

This is a very smart clickbait. 1. The title says "A big Investment". 2. The thumbnail has a picture of the guy standing in a luxurious house. 3. He's standing in a very confident posture, wearing goggles. Now here's the catch- (2/n)

The video isn't about him talking about his investment in a new house. He's just standing there. The video is about how he smartly invested in stocks and got good returns. So the main point is that.. (3/n)

The title and thumbnail make it look like he has bought a new house. It makes the viewer super curious. Hence, People click. However, a high CTR in this case can HARM your VIDEO too.. Here's how- (4/n)

There's a thin line between Clickbaiting and misleading- understand that. If you're not delivering what you're showing in the thumbnail, People would click on the video, but drop off in between, Which would kill the video in the long run. (5/n)

Your goal as a Creator can't be just making people click, But also keeping them engaged. What do you think about this title and thumbnail? Got questions about YouTube? Ask here or DM me! (6/n)

I've been working with different Brands & Creators with a Cumulative Subscriber Base of 10M+ for their YouTube Growth. Check my profile & Follow for more YouTube Insights! (7/7)

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