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Master marketing and you can monetize (practically) anything. Bust most people don't know where to start. Here are 13 podcasts that will teach you more about marketing than a four-year degree:

1. The Marketing Millennials by @Dmurr68 What You Learn: • Uncover the playbooks from marketing experts • Topics include SEO, Copywriting, TikTok, Startup Marketing and more

2. Adspend by @ashvinmelwani + @rabahrahil | @triplewhale What you'll learn: • Ecommerce marketing strategies and tactics • Topics include: Creative Strategy, CRO, TikTok Ads, A/B Testing, and more

3. Marketing Made Simple by @DrJJPeterson | @storybrand What you'll learn: • How to clarify your message to convert browsers into buyers • Topics include: Selling, Copywriting, SEO, Landing Page Optimization, Social Media Strategy, and more

4. DTC Podcast by @DTCNewsletter What you'll learn: • Marketing funnels + scaling from top brands • Topics include: Email marketing, Affiliate, TikTok, CRO, Google ads and more

5. Marketing School by @neilpatel + @ericosiu What you'll learn: • Short-form actionable marketing advice • Topics include: Social Media Strategy, Brand-building, Marketing Tools, Advertising, and more

6. Ecom Gold by @finn_radford What you'll learn: • Learn from masterminds building ecom brands • Topics include: Facebook Advertising, Content Creation, Landing Page Optimization, Ecom Financial Modelling, UGC Strategy, and more

7. Lenny's Podcast by @lennysan What you'll learn: • Uncover tactical advice from product leads and growth experts • Topics include: Product Roadmaps, Growth Modelling + Tactics, Acquisition Channel Strategy, Team Leadership, and more

8. The Facebook Disrupter by @FBDisrupter What you'll learn: • Best practices and lessons from FB Ads Expert, Charley Tichenor • Topics include: Scaling, Attribution, How FB Ads work, Ads Measurement, How to set up your ad account for success, and more

9. Pitstop by @SarahLevinger | @triplewhale What you'll learn: • Learn from experts on how to increase ROAS, while Sarah explains the psychology behind their methods • Topics include include: CRO, Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Creative Strategy, and more

10. Growth Marketing Toolbox by @nscalice What you'll learn: • The marketing tools + insights that the top marketers, startup founders, and product creators use • Topics include: Link-building, Content Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Google Ads, Split Testing, and more

11. The DTC Deep Dive by @sourfraser of @FraggellPro What you'll learn: • Hear from leaders within the DTC marketing space on how they're growing their business • Topics include: TikTok, Growth Marketing, Creative Strategy, Facebook Advertising, and more

12. Growth Marketing Today by @RamliJohn What you'll learn: • Marketing strategies and systems from elite marketers • Topics include: Audience Building, Influencer Marketing, Paid Acquisition, Community-Building, CRO, and more

13. The SaaS Podcast by @omerkhan What you'll learn: •Actionable insights from entrepreneurs to help you build, launch, and grow a SaaS business • Topics include: Content Marketing, Product-Market Fit, Bootstrapping, Growth Metrics, and more

Marketing Pods: 1. Growth Marketing Toolbox 2. The Marketing Millennials 3. Growth Marketing Today 4. Marketing Made Simple 5. The DTC Deep Dive 6. The SaaS Podcast 7. Marketing School 8. The FB Disrupter 9. Lenny's Podcast 10. DTC Podcast 11. Ecom Gold 12. AdSpend 13. Pitstop

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