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#sakuatsu omegaverse CW: accidental pregnancy “Omi-san, what would you do if you found out you were going to have a baby?” Atsumu’s eyes widened as he sat curled up on the toilet seat, praying to every god he could think of that the new scent patches worked as well as Bokuto+

claimed they did as Hinata washed his hands outside. Despite Hinata and Sakusa differing in every single aspect except volleyball, they got along surprisingly well. “I wouldn’t make such a mistake,” Sakusa replied curtly. +

Except he did, because Atsumu was hiding in a bathroom stall with a positive pregnancy test in his hands, trying his best not to panic because the father was on the other side of the door. +

Atsumu and Sakusa’s relationship was… complicated. And in hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the best decision to have gotten so shit-faced drunk he slept with his own teammate but it was one time and Sakusa was just as responsible as him. +

And now that decision had come to bite him in the ass in the form of two pink lines on a cheap plastic stick. “But if you /did/, what would you do?” Hinata pressed and Atsumu found himself holding his breath in anticipation. What would Sakusa do? Did he even want a pup in the +

first place? After a beat of silence, Hinata let out an amused chuckle, the smell of flowers overpowering Sakusa’s muted coffee scent. “Alright, alright,” Hinata said as the pair walked out the door. “I was just curious.” +

It was over ten minutes before the shock of his positive pregnancy test began to wear off, leaving behind a weird mixture of dread and excitement. What did this mean for his volleyball career? And what was up with Sakusa’s reaction anyway? Did he look happy? Angry? Annoyed? +

Why did he have to be so cryptic all the time? Atsumu let out a silent scream. He knew he would have to tell Sakusa eventually but even the mere thought of confronting him felt terrifying. Not to mention, he had to break the news to Osamu, his parents, the PR team– god, the +

list was never ending. But he was already late to practice and the last thing he needed was to explain why he was late. So he took a shaky breath, wrapped the plastic stick in tissue paper, and threw it in the bin before walking out to the gym. +

He knew his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes but everyone had off days, his team would understand. His skin felt itchy the entire time, his chest growing so tight it was sometimes hard to breathe. That couldn’t be good for the baby. +

His teammates’ worried pheromones wafted around the room but he waved them off with an exasperated laugh, pretending not to notice the concerned glances they exchanged. “Atsumu-san, do you want to go to the arcade later?” Hinata asked as he packed the last of his belongings +

into his bag, keeping his voice deceptively calm. Atsumu tensed. “No thanks, Shoyo-kun.” “But you love the arcade,” Meian added, his voice equally as nonchalant but Atsumu knew better. He could smell how sour Meian’s scent was. +

Atsumu avoided everyone’s eyes as he quickly dressed himself. “Just feelin’ a little tired today,” he replied, his voice edged with tension. Thankfully, the rest of the team let it go, filing out of the locker rooms one by one, each calling out a version of ‘hope you feel +

better soon,’ with a clasp on his shoulder. Atsumu felt like crying. How was he ever going to tell them that he was pregnant? Would they be happy? They were all happy when Meian announced his wife was pregnant but that was a completely different story, not to mention his wife +

was not on the volleyball team. He had to call Osamu but the more he thought about it, the more daunting the task felt. Osamu was going to kill him. “You know I can smell how stressed you are, right?” A voice broke through his thoughts and Atsumu jumped at the sudden +

intrusion. Sakusa was leaning on the doorframe, his eyebrows furrowed as he studied Atsumu. The fresh scent blockers on his neck meant Atsumu couldn’t really smell him but if he had to guess, it was probably tinged with irritation. +

“Nothin’ a good 8 hours of sleep can’t fix,” Atsumu replied breezily, hoping the alpha would let it go. Sakusa narrowed his eyes, his gaze scanning his body and Atsumu found himself unconsciously sucking in his stomach. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked, fixing Atsumu with the+

concentrated gaze that Atsumu loved so much when they were in bed but hated now that he was under scrutiny. Atsumu forced out a chuckle. “That’s an awfully rude thing ta say ta someone, Omi-kun.” Sakusa sucked in a breath and looked away. “Look, if you’re thinking of leaving+

the team, just say it straight up instead of childishly ignoring everyone and making them worry.” Atsumu’s jaw dropped. He didn’t know if he should be offended or not. “Do ya really think that’s what this is about?” +

Sakusa looked back at him, his brows still furrowed but there was that extra wrinkle that only appeared when he was annoyed. “I assumed it was because you haven’t said anything yet.” “Ya called me childish.” Sakusa scoffed. “You are.” “I am not.” “You are.” +

“I’m pregnant.” Atsumu immediately slapped his hand over his mouth as the words left his mouth. It was strangely cathartic, saying that out loud after trying to keep it a secret. He just wished he had said it to someone else. +

Sakusa stood unblinking, probably trying to process what he had just been told. The room was thrown into a deathly silence and Atsumu could almost smell his own fear as he sank down on the bench. Judging by Sakusa’s reaction, he wasn’t ecstatic about the news so would it help +

if he lied and said Sakusa wasn’t the only person he had slept with and hence he might not be the father? Or would it be better if he lied and said he was joking? “I need a minute,” Sakusa breathed, moving to sit down next to Atsumu. He must really be shocked if he voluntarily+

sat down next to Atsumu. “Would it make it easier fer ya?” Atsumu asked quietly. “If I apologized?” Sakusa shook his head as he met Atsumu’s eyes. “Would it be easier if /I/ apologized?” he asked sincerely. “No!” Atsumu blurted out, suddenly feeling disoriented. Why were +

they being so nice to each other all of a sudden? This was unlike them. He placed a hand on his stomach. There was still no visible change but it felt like the right thing to do. “You want to keep it,” Sakusa said. It was impossible to read his expression. +

Atsumu looked away. “Yeah,” he admitted. He knew Sakusa understood the risks to his career and public image. “Okay,” he said. “Is it really okay?” Atsumu asked because Sakusa /seemed/ like a good person but he didn’t really know him well enough. “‘Cause if I’m goin’ ta do +

this, I want my baby ta have a father.” “If you’re going to do this, I’m not going anywhere,” Sakusa snapped, anger flickering across his face and the smell of burnt coffee escaping through his blockers. Atsumu blinked, trying to reign in his shock at Sakusa’s outburst. +

But it was good that he was angry at the idea he wouldn’t be involved, right? “Okay. Good.” An awkward silence settled between them and Atsumu fiddled with his fingers for lack of anything better to do. Finally, Sakusa stood up, presumably to leave but to Atsumu’s surprise, he+

offered his hand to Atsumu. “I’m pregnant, not helpless, ya know,” Atsumu muttered but took his hand anyway. Sakusa rolled his eyes and picked up Atsumu’s duffel bag, pausing at the door to make sure Atsumu was following. +

“Call me when you decide to go to the hospital,” he mumbled, the tips of his ears turning a bright red. He was clearly embarrassed but at least he was determined. Atsumu smiled. He might not really know Sakusa yet but he had a feeling he was going to like him. +

He was, after all, stuck with him for life now. //end

Well, I guess that wasn't exactly sakuatsu so would anyone be interested in a pt.2? 😬 It's been a while since I've written anything because I've just been trying to figure some stuff out and adjust to a new life so please be patient, I do have so much I want to share!

part 2 is here! 👇

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