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This success story changed my life... The Ancient parable of the Chinese Bamboo tree:

In China they grow a bamboo tree, commonly known as the Chinese bamboo tree. You have heard of bamboo right?

Well the funny thing about these bamboo trees is that they require a lot of work. Years and years of DAILY work. Watering, sunlight, and fertilizer to make sure it grows. Don't get it the nutrients it needs for one day, and it will die in the ground. Do this for 365 days...

And you will have nothing. Nothing? That's correct, at the end of the first year of rigorous and consistent work, the bamboo tree has not even sprouted from the ground yet- AT ALL.

Continue working diligently on watering, feeding, and getting the tree nutrients for the second year- Another 365 days go by and still not even a small sprout.

But you continue on, watering, feeding, and getting the spot sunlight- And again, end of year 3- nothing.

This goes on for 2 more years. Almost 2,000 DAYS of consistent effort altogether, and you haven't seen anything happen. Until finally...

In year 5, the bamboo tree will shoot up to 90 FEET TALL in a WEEK. 5 years of nothing- and then a week of crazy growth. How can you utilize this parable?

This parable is much like success. Getting success in life is more or less like this parable. You can work your ass off for years, and see no ROI, but with consistency, eventually you can shoot up and become very successful.

You will get the result sooner or later, but you must believe in YOUR bamboo tree. Focus on your growth and success. One day you will reap the benefits.

Don't let others success shake you. You have no idea how long they have been growing their own bamboo tree. If you enjoyed this parable: 1. Follow me @mindsetofstoics for more of these 2. RT the tweet below to share this thread with your audience

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