lin林 sol’s gf+wife

lin林 sol’s gf+wife



#omigirin/#sakusunaosa suna and osamu are actually menaces tho like they probably sit together brainstorming ways to drive sakusa insane (in a 🥵 way) and sakusa wishes they wouldn’t because it’s not good for his health (mild nsfw?)

like the one time suna gets osamu to wear a bra under his work uniform on a day that coincides with msby visiting onigiri miya, then texts sakusa, once he reaches there, about the ‘cute new bra osamu is wearing!’

sakusa goes insane because he can just barely see the outline of it, only visible because he knows it’s there, and spends the whole evening thinking about what colour it is, and the fact that osamu’s tits are big enough to perfectly fill out a bra

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