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10 years old Atsumu in his first training camp away from home and Samu, who couldn’t come because he had gotten the flu, and had left him all alone. Which is fine. Atsumu is 10 now, he’s basically a teen, he can do stuff without Samu. Except there’s a little problem.

You see, Atsumu can’t sleep without holding someone’s hand. First he used to hold his Ma’s hand until he fell asleep, and then he had gotten used to stretch his hand out from his futon to hold Osamu’s hand until he could fell asleep.

But now he’s in this weird place alone, sleeping in a classroom that the school turned into a sleeping place for them, tossing and turning around because he can’t sleep. It’s not that he’s afraid of the dark or anything, he’s certainly not afraid of how the trees creak.

He just can’t sleep. That’s all. “Stop it.” The boy beside him hisses. Atsumu seems to remember his name is Kiyoomi. A pretty name for a boy that’s so annoying. “I can’t sleep.” Atsumu hisses back in the dark, frowning.

“Don’t tell me you are scared of the dark.” “I am not!” Atsumu tries to keep his voice down. “I just can’t sleep.” “Why?” “Huh? Why would I know?!” Atsumu hears Kiyoomi turning in his futon as well, probably getting closer to keep nagging at him.

“Are you one of those kids that need bedtime stories to sleep? Is that it?” Atsumu’s cheeks go red in the dark, he’s not one of those kids! He’s 10! “What? No! I’m not—,” “Keep your voice down.” Kiyoomi hisses, and Atsumu can see him rolling his eyes in the dark.

“Then what is it?” Kiyoomi asks again. Atsumu frowns. If he tells him what’s really going on, this kid will make fun of him for the rest of the training camp. But if he doesn’t, he fears he won’t drop the topic either.

“I… I can’t sleep if I’m not holding my brother’s hand.” “You have a brother?” Somehow, that’s not the reaction Atsumu hoped for. “He… he lets you do that?” “I have a twin.” Atsumu corrects, then shrugs. “Yeah. Don’t ya’ have siblings? Wouldn’t they do that too?”

Kiyoomi seems to ignore his question, ruffling in his futon until Atsumu sees a chubby hand just like his being stretched out to him. “You can hold mine.” Kiyoomi offers. “Just until you fall asleep.” Atsumu’s eyes go big. “Are you sure? I don’t want to bother-,”

“You are going to wake everyone up if you keep tossing around. Just take it.” Kiyoomi says, already turning his head around, but keeping his hand stretched. And maybe Atsumu is a bit embarrassed of taking it. Of seeming weak. But he’s also just 10, and a bit scared.

So he ends up holding Omi’s hand just a little bit tighter before he dares to close his eyes and attempt to sleep again. And maybe, just maybe, that’s the first (but not last) time they hold hands in their lives.

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