jns • jensoo au

jns • jensoo au



- jensoo au - Changes jisoo is back after leaving jennie without saying goodbye. the question is, will jennie take her back?

this is a sequel to Chances. you may have to read the first one to understand this fully.

















happy 6 years to these pictures 😂





Twenty One.

Twenty Two.

Twenty Three.

Twenty Four.

Twenty Five.

Twenty Six.

Twenty Seven.

Twenty Eight.

Twenty Nine.


Thirty One.

Thirty Two.

Thirty Three.

Thirty Four.

Thirty Five.

Thirty Six.

Thirty Seven.

Thirty Eight.

Thirty Nine.


Fourty One.

Fourty Two.

Fourty Three.

Fourty Four.

Fourty Five.

Fourty Six.

Fourty Seven.

Fourty Eight.

Fourty Nine.


Fifty One.

Fifty Two.

Fifty Three.

Fifty Four.

Fifty Five.

Fifty Six.

Fifty Seven.

Fifty Eight.

Fifty Nine.


Sixty One.

Sixty Two.

Sixty Three.

Sixty Four.

Sixty Five.

Sixty Six.

Sixty Seven.

Sixty Eight.

Sixty Nine.


Seventy One.

Seventy Two.

Seventy Three.

Seventy Four.

Seventy Five.

Seventy Six.

Seventy Seven.

Seventy Eight.

Seventy Nine.


Eighty One.

Eighty Two.

Eighty Three.

Eighty Four.

Eighty Five.

Eighty Six.

Eighty Seven.

Eighty Eight.

Eighty Nine.


Ninety One.

Ninety Two.

Ninety Three.

Ninety Four.

Ninety Five.

Ninety Six.

Ninety Seven.

Ninety Eight.

Ninety Nine.

One Hundred.

One Hundred One.

One Hundred Two.

One Hundred Three.

One Hundred Four.

One Hundred Five.

One Hundred Six.

One Hundred Seven.

One Hundred Eight.

One Hundred Nine.

One Hundred Ten.

One Hundred Eleven.

One Hundred Twelve.

One Hundred Thirteen.

One Hundred Fourteen.

One Hundred Fifteen.

One Hundred Sixteen.

One Hundred Seventeen.

One Hundred Eighteen.

One Hundred Nineteen.

One Hundred Twenty.

One Hundred Twenty One.

One Hundred Twenty Two.

One Hundred Twenty Three.

One Hundred Twenty Four.

One Hundred Twenty Five.

One Hundred Twenty Six.

One Hundred Twenty Seven.

One Hundred Twenty Eight.

One Hundred Twenty Nine.

One Hundred Thirty.

One Hundred Thirty One.

One Hundred Thirty Two.

One Hundred Thirty Three.

One Hundred Thirty Four.

One Hundred Thirty Five.

One Hundred Thirty Six.

One Hundred Thirty Seven.

One Hundred Thirty Eight.

One Hundred Thirty Nine.

One Hundred Fourty.

One Hundred Fourty One.

One Hundred Fourty Two.

One Hundred Fourty Three.

One Hundred Fourty Four.

One Hundred Fourty Five.

One Hundred Fourty Six.

One Hundred Fourty Seven.

One Hundred Fourty Eight.

One Hundred Fourty Nine.

One Hundred Fifty.

One Hundred Fifty Two.

One Hundred Fifty Three.

One Hundred Fifty Four.

One Hundred Fifty Five.

One Hundred Fifty Six.

One Hundred Fifty Seven.

One Hundred Fifty Eight.

One Hundred Fifty Nine.

One Hundred Sixty.

One Hundred Sixty One.

One Hundred Sixty Two.

One Hundred Sixty Three.

One Hundred Sixty Four.

One Hundred Sixty Five.

One Hundred Sixty Six.

One Hundred Sixty Seven.

One Hundred Sixty Eight.

One Hundred Sixty Nine.

One Hundred Seventy.

One Hundred Seventy One.

One Hundred Seventy Two.

One Hundred Seventy Three.

One Hundred Seventy Four.

One Hundred Seventy Five.

One Hundred Seventy Six.

One Hundred Seventy Seven.

One Hundred Seventy Eight.

One Hundred Seventy Nine.

One Hundred Eighty.

One Hundred Eighty One.

One Hundred Eighty Two.

One Hundred Eighty Three.

One Hundred Eighty Four.

One Hundred Eighty Five.

One Hundred Eighty Six.

One Hundred Eighty Seven.

One Hundred Eighty Eight.

One Hundred Eighty Nine.

One Hundred Ninety.

One Hundred Ninety One.

One Hundred Ninety Two.

One Hundred Ninety Three.

One Hundred Ninety Four.

One Hundred Ninety Five.

One Hundred Ninety Six.

One Hundred Ninety Seven.

One Hundred Ninety Eight.

One Hundred Ninety Nine.

Two Hundred.

Two Hundred One.

Two Hundred Two.

Two Hundred Three.

Two Hundred Four.

Two Hundred Five.

Two Hundred Six.

Two Hundred Seven.

Two Hundred Eight.

Two Hundred Nine.

Two Hundred Ten.

Two Hundred Eleven.

Two Hundred Twelve.

Two Hundred Thirteen.

Two Hundred Fourteen.

Two Hundred Fifteen.

Two Hundred Sixteen.

Two Hundred Seventeen.

Two Hundred Eighteen.

Two Hundred Nineteen.

Two Hundred Twenty.

Two Hundred Twenty One.

Two Hundred Twenty Two.

Two Hundred Twenty Three.

Two Hundred Twenty Four.

Two Hundred Twenty Five.

Two Hundred Twenty Six.

Two Hundred Twenty Seven.

Two Hundred Twenty Eight.

Two Hundred Twenty Nine.

Two Hundred Thirty.

Two Hundred Thirty One.

Two Hundred Thirty Two.

Two Hundred Thirty Three.

Two Hundred Thirty Four.

Two Hundred Thirty Five.

Two Hundred Thirty Six.

Two Hundred Thirty Seven.

Two Hundred Thirty Eight.

Two Hundred Thirty Nine.

Two Hundred Fourty.

Two Hundred Fourty One.

Two Hundred Fourty Two.

Two Hundred Fourty Three.

Two Hundred Fourty Four.

Two Hundred Fourty Five.

Two Hundred Fourty Six.

Two Hundred Fourty Seven.

Two Hundred Fourty Eight.

Two Hundred Fourty Nine.

Two Hundred Fifty.

Two Hundred Fifty One.

Two Hundred Fifty Two.

Two Hundred Fifty Three.

Two Hundred Fifty Four.

Two Hundred Fifty Five.

Two Hundred Fifty Six.

Two Hundred Fifty Seven.

Two Hundred Fifty Eight.

Two Hundred Fifty Nine.

Two Hundred Sixty.

Two Hundred Sixty One.

Two Hundred Sixty Two.

Two Hundred Sixty Three.

Two Hundred Sixty Four.

Two Hundred Sixty Five.

Two Hundred Sixty Six.

Two Hundred Sixty Seven.

Two Hundred Sixty Eight.

Two Hundred Sixty Nine.

Two Hundred Seventy.

Two Hundred Seventy One.

Two Hundred Seventy Two.

Two Hundred Seventy Three.

Two Hundred Seventy Four.

Two Hundred Seventy Five.

Two Hundred Seventy Six.

Two Hundred Seventy Seven.

Two Hundred Seventy Eight.

Two Hundred Seventy Nine.

Two Hundred Eighty.

Two Hundred Eighty One.

Two Hundred Eighty Two.

Two Hundred Eighty Three.

Two Hundred Eighty Four.

Two Hundred Eighty Five.

Two Hundred Eighty Six.

Two Hundred Eighty Seven.

Two Hundred Eighty Eight.

Two Hundred Eighty Nine.

Two Hundred Ninety.

Two Hundred Ninety One.

Two Hundred Ninety Two.

Two Hundred Ninety Three.

Two Hundred Ninety Four.

Two Hundred Ninety Five.

Two Hundred Ninety Six.

Two Hundred Ninety Seven.

Two Hundred Ninety Eight.

Two Hundred Ninety Nine.

Three Hundred.

Three Hundred One.

Three Hundred Two.

Three Hundred Three.

Three Hundred Four.

Three Hundred Five.

Three Hundred Six.

Three Hundred Seven.

Three Hundred Eight.

Three Hundred Nine.

Three Hundred Ten.

Three Hundred Eleven.

Three Hundred Twelve.

Three Hundred Thirteen.

Three Hundred Fourteen.

Three Hundred Fifteen.

Three Hundred Sixteen.

Three Hundred Seventeen.

Three Hundred Eighteen.

Three Hundred Nineteen.

Three Hundred Twenty.

Three Hundred Twenty One.

Three Hundred Twenty Two.

Three Hundred Twenty Three.

Three Hundred Twenty Four.

Three Hundred Twenty Five.

Three Hundred Twenty Six.

Three Hundred Twenty Seven.

Three Hundred Twenty Eight.

Three Hundred Twenty Nine.

Three Hundred Thirty.

Three Hundred Thirty One.

Three Hundred Thirty Two.

Three Hundred Thirty Three.

Three Hundred Thirty Four.

Three Hundred Thirty Five.

Three Hundred Thirty Six.

Three Hundred Thirty Seven.

Three Hundred Thirty Eight.

Three Hundred Thirty Nine.

Three Hundred Fourty.

Three Hundred Fourty One.

Three Hundred Fourty Two.

Two Hundred Fourty Three.

Two Hundred Fourty Four.

Two Hundred Fourty Five.

Two Hundred Fourty Six.

Two Hundred Fourty Seven.

Two Hundred Fourty Eight.

Two Hundred Fourty Nine.

Two Hundred Fifty.

Two Hundred Fifty One.

Two Hundred Fifty Two.

Two Hundred Fifty Three.

Two Hundred Fifty Four.

Three Hundred Fifty Five.

Three Hundred Fifty Six.

Three Hundred Fifty Seven.

Three Hundred Fifty Eight.

Three Hundred Fifty Nine.

Three Hundred Sixty.

Three Hundred Sixty One.

Three Hundred Sixty Two.

Three Hundred Sixty Three.

Three Hundred Sixty Four.

Three Hundred Sixty Five.

Three Hundred Sixty Six.

Three Hundred Sixty Seven.

Three Hundred Sixty Eight.

Three Hundred Sixty Nine.

Three Hundred Seventy.

Three Hundred Seventy One.

Three Hundred Seventy Two.

Three Hundred Seventy Three.

Three Hundred Seventy Four.

Three Hundred Seventy Five.

Three Hundred Seventy Six.

Three Hundred Seventy Seven.

Three Hundred Seventy Eight.

Three Hundred Seventy Nine.

Three Hundred Eighty.

Three Hundred Eighty One.

Three Hundred Eighty Two.

Three Hundred Eighty Three.

Three Hundred Eighty Four.

Three Hundred Eighty Five.

Three Hundred Eighty Six.

Three Hundred Eighty Seven.

Three Hundred Eighty Eight.

Three Hundred Eighty Nine.

Three Hundred Ninety.

Three Hundred Ninety One.

Three Hundred Ninety Two.

Three Hundred Ninety Three.

Three Hundred Ninety Four.

Three Hundred Ninety Five.

Three Hundred Ninety Six.

Three Hundred Ninety Seven.

Three Hundred Ninety Eight.

Three Hundred Ninety Nine.

Four Hundred.

Four Hundred One.

Four Hundred Two.

- end - just kidding 😂

Four Hundred Three.

Four Hundred Four.

Four Hundred Five.

Four Hundred Six.

Four Hundred Seven.

Four Hundred Eight.

Four Hundred Nine.

Four Hundred Ten.

Four Hundred Eleven.

Four Hundred Twelve.

Four Hundred Thirteen.

Four Hundred Fourteen.

Four Hundred Fifteen.

Four Hundred Sixteen.

Four Hundred Seventeen.

Four Hundred Eighteen.

Four Hundred Nineteen.

Four Hundred Twenty.

Four Hundred Twenty One.

Four Hundred Twenty Two.

Four Hundred Twenty Three.

Four Hundred Twenty Four.

Four Hundred Twenty Five.

Four Hundred Twenty Six.

Four Hundred Twenty Seven.

Four Hundred Twenty Eight.

Four Hundred Twenty Nine.

Four Hundred Thirty.

Four Hundred Thirty One.

Four Hundred Thirty Two.

Four Hundred Thirty Three.

Four Hundred Thirty Four.

Four Hundred Thirty Five.

Four Hundred Thirty Six.

Four Hundred Thirty Seven.

Four Hundred Thirty Eight.

Four Hundred Thirty Nine.

Four Hundred Fourty.

Four Hundred Fourty One.

Four Hundred Fourty Two.

Four Hundred Fourty Three.

Four Hundred Fourty Four.

Four Hundred Fourty Five.

Four Hundred Fourty Six.

Four Hundred Fourty Seven.

Four Hundred Fourty Eight.

Four Hundred Fourty Nine.

Four Hundred Fifty.

Four Hundred Fifty One.

Four Hundred Fifty Two.

Four Hundred Fifty Three.

Four Hundred Fifty Four.

Four Hundred Fifty Five.

Four Hundred Fifty Six.

Four Hundred Fifty Seven.

Four Hundred Fifty Eight.

Four Hundred Fifty Nine.

Four Hundred Sixty.

Four Hundred Sixty One.