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7 things you’re using every day that are slowly destroying your health:

1) Polyflourinated Substances (PFAS) These are a group of chemicals used in products that resist oil, heat, and stains. PFAS-containing items include: • Paints • Cleaners • Packaged foods • Nonstick cookware • Weather-resistant clothing Why are PFAS bad?

PFAS have been associated with: • Cancer • High cholesterol • Decreased fertility • High blood pressure • Lower infant birth weights PFAS are in our water, food, and personal care products. Minimize your use of plastics as much as you can.

2) Clothing Polyesters are linked to impotence. Tight underwear reduces sex hormones for both men and women. It makes sense when you think about it. How could constricting the sex organs for hours be good for you? Go commando when possible (in appropriate environments).

Stay away from clothing made with synthetic fibers like: • Lycra • Nylon • Acrylic • Polyester • Microfiber • Polypropylene Stick with clothing made from natural materials such as: • Silk • Hemp • Wool • Linen • Cotton • Bamboo

3) Receipts The paper receipts are made from contains large amounts of Bisphenol-A (BPA). BPA is a known endocrine disruptor which has been found to decrease testosterone. Politely say "no thank you" when offered a receipt so you don't absorb its BPA through your skin.

4) Cosmetics Many are full of synthetic chemicals. Especially in the US where there is little regulation of what can and cannot be used. Use products with minimal ingredients and no: • Sulfates • Parabens • Pthalates • Aluminum Shameless plug for my brand @letsdiscoskin.

@letsDiscoskin 5) Water quality How many miles of gross pipes does water go through before coming out of a tap? You can't possibly believe those pipes are sanitary. Water from the store isn't much better since it leaches plastic from the bottles. What's the danger of low quality water?

@letsDiscoskin Tap water contains plastics, toxins, and other contaminants linked to: • Mood issues • Gut illnesses • Reproductive problems • Neurological disorders • Chronic diseases including cancer Order your water from Alive Water (@AliveWaterco) or use a Berkey filter (@BigBerkey

@letsDiscoskin @AliveWaterco @BigBerkey 6) Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation Devices constantly being near your head or genitals isn't good for you. Too much EMF exposure can cause: • Fatigue • Dizziness • Headaches • Depression • Restlessness • Trouble concentrating • Loss of appetite and weight loss

@letsDiscoskin @AliveWaterco @BigBerkey Strategies you can use to reduce your risk: • Use a Wi-Fi killswitch at night • Wear wired headphones instead of AirPods • Remove all devices from your bedroom at night • Put your phone on airplane mode when it's in your pocket

@letsDiscoskin @AliveWaterco @BigBerkey 7) Processed seed oils Many are produced with: • Extreme heat over 500°F • Toxic chemicals like hexane • Hydrogenation for shelf-stability Avoid canola, soybean, and vegetable oils. Stick with fats like butter or beef tallow. Olive, avocado, and coconut oils are also OK.

@letsDiscoskin @AliveWaterco @BigBerkey 7 common things you didn't know are destroying your health: 1) PFAS 2) Clothing 3) Receipts 4) Cosmetics 5) Water quality 6) EMF radiation 7) Processed seed oils

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