Ten things twitter folks know about Covid that people on the streets don't.

1 Covid isn't over

2 There's no such thing as herd immunity

3 Covid is hospitalising thousands each week

4 Covid harms kids

5 Covid moves like smoke

6 Hybrid immunity won't end the pandemic

7 Catching Covid does not benefit you in any way

8 Covid can cause Long Covid (even if you're vaccinated)

9 Covid damages your body leaving you at risk of Covid Induced Delayed Injury (even if you're vaccinated)

10 Covid infection can damage your brain (even if you're vaccinated)

11 Covid is a systemic infection that harms every part of your body.

12 There are new and potentially very nasty variants on the way

13 Some of the pharmaceutical tools against covid are failing

14 Masks and filtration help remove covid from circulation in the air and provide a layer of protection

15 Covid is affecting pregnant women and their developing babies

16 The vaccines are generally safe (with specific known medical exceptions)

17 Covid is not mild

18 Covid is considerably reducing life expectancy

19 Covid is harming the economy

20 Covid has disabled millions of people

21 Covid is harming immune systems

22 Covid is harming every system

23 Covid is not fully understood yet

24 Schools are hotbeds of Covid infection

Sorry, terns can't count

25 You can be infectious for 10+ days

26 Plastic screens don't protect against airborne focus

27 You can catch Covid in one breath

28 Fresh air ventilation reduces concentration of Covid particles.

29 Covid particles can hang in indoor air for hours if there is limited ventilation.

30 People breathe through both their mouth and nose

31 Surgical masks are close to pointless, masks should be ffp2/3 n95/96

32 You can catch Covid repeatedly

33 Repeat infections are not necessarily more mild

34 Damage from repeat infections is cumulative

35 Covid infections age you

36 Handwashing is a great thing to do anyway, but Covid is mostly caught by breathing in floaty smoke-like covid.

37 You can catch Covid from someone more than 2m away

38 You can catch Covid outdoors, but it's less likely

39 Activities like singing, shouting, and exercise make you produce more viral particles

40 You can catch Covid from friends or strangers

41 Some people are on their sixth infections already

42 The efficiency of your vaccination decreases over time

43 An infection is not an immunity top up

44 Hospitalisation is not mild

45 More children have died from covid in the UK in 2022 than in 2020 and 2021 put together

46 You can't tell if you're infectious

47 Lateral flow tests are a useful tool, but they're not guaranteed reliable

48 Covid functions similarly in children to adults - there is no "but kids don't..."

49 Swabbing throat and nose is better

50 Many people don't realise their ongoing symptoms are long covid

51 Some people who have had Covid barely remember their infection

52 Coughing spreads covid particles very effectively

53 Boosters are useful in reducing short-term serious illness and death, but you can still develop long term problems from infection after vaccination

54 Mitigations are more effective when used together eg ffp2 masks + ventilation + isolation

55 Masks are not the only mitigation. Some mitigations are invisible

56 No one wants lockdowns

57 Different covid strains have different symptoms and effects, some are more dangerous than others, none are mild

58 Covid can cause problems anywhere in your body, so long term effects can be very different from one person to another

59 There are people who will do anything they can to stop you believing points 1-58.

60 A covid infection does not protect you from future covid infections

61 Covid illness and death has disproportionately affected ethnic minority groups

62 Covid infection can be serious for anyone, not just 'the vulnerable'

63 Covid infection can be exceptionally serious for 'the vulnerable'

64 Sensible proportionate Covid mitigations are good for the economy in both the short and long term

65 Long Covid is not caused by anxiety

66 Covid infections increase your risk of death from other causes

67 Covid brain damage can cause anxiety, depression, memory loss, character change, mania and more

68 One way masking is only partially effective

69 A society with no covid mitigations forces vulnerable people into high risk choices or their own personal lockdown

70 Covid infection creates vulnerable people

71 Covid is not mysterious. How it moves and spreads is governed by simple and easily understandable science

72 The amount of Covid virus you inhale may affect the seriousness of your illness

73 The duration of social interactions may affect the amount of Covid virus you inhale

74 We don't "all have to get it"

75 We don't "all have to get it" repeatedly

76 The human brain finds it hard to focus on multiple subjects, so it's easy to forget that there are multiple aspects to the problem of Covid

77 Immunity debt is a fiction created by people who told you that covid was over, mild, or beneficial

78 High prevalence of Covid causes harm to healthcare systems including both basic and emergency care

79 High prevalence of Covid correlates precisely with long delays for ambulances in the UK

80 There is no 'cure' for long covid

81 Exercise can be detrimental to long covid sufferers

82 Long Covid is not just persistent symptoms of covid, new symptoms can occur weeks, months, or even years later

83 Many Long Covid sufferers infected in first wave are not improving

84 Long Covid has over 200 possible symptoms

85 Surviving one covid infection does not guarantee survival of a second or subsequent infection

86 You can be reinfected by Covid within days

87 Covid virus can persist in viral reservoirs within the body after short term infection is over

88 Avoiding an infection is almost* always beneficial. *you're creative, you'll be able to think of exceptions

89 Masks do not stop children developing language skills

90 Viral infections that damage the brain and body affect language skills

91 3 years into the covid pandemic we still don't truly know the long term effects of Covid

92 Covid infection seems to make the body vulnerable to other types of infection: bacterial, fungal, viral

*seems to be able to

93 Covid causes deaths for longer than 28 days, so 28 day stats are an ineffective guide

94 The debate about being hospitalised 'with or from' covid is often a deliberate distraction.

95 Catching Covid while in hospital is not beneficial for inpatients

96 Practising healthcare workers do not necessarily keep up to date with latest research on covid or guidance on protective equipment and mitigations

97 Vaccines on their own are not enough to stop this pandemic

98 Evidenced data on the effects of covid is readily available and can be found with little effort

99 More is being learnt about Covid by serious researchers every minute

100 There is still nothing beneficial about a covid infection

101 Covid particles can hang in the air, so an empty room is not necessarily a safe room

102 Covid particles can hang in the air, so can move through a building via ventilation ducts

103 Some covid commentators have built their reputation and fanbase on incorrect optimistic predictions and have failed to admit their mistakes or correct them

104 A balance does have to be struck somewhere between total lockdown and absolute freedom, these are not the only two options

105 Pretending covid does not exist has not succeeded as a preventative tactic

106 In a reasonable world 'living with covid' should mean doing something about it rather than ignoring it

107 Covid infections can cause erectile dysfunction

108 Covid infections can damage the placenta

109 Wide spread of Covid can be avoided or reduced

110 'Endemicity' is not a good thing and should certainly not be a goal

111 The eyes are a potential avenue of infection, even if less common than breath or touch

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