Elly | Sweetheart Crowley 🍎

Elly | Sweetheart Crowley 🍎



AU where Aziraphale was never placed in Eden nor on Earth and he never met Crowley. Crowley lived on Earth, tried to stop the apocalypse alone and failed. Earth is gone now and there is a war going on between heaven and hell. hell is kind of losing.

Aziraphale is too soft to fight on the front so they let him deal with paperwork and documents and records. He prefers it. He has a small office and the place is relatively quiet compared to the chaos outside. At least it's quiet until Gabriel suddenly arrives.

He informs him that they are short on employees and he has to take on more responsibility. Responsibility in the form of a captive who needs to be watched over. For a few days, or a few weeks, a few months at most. Until they win or until they find a replacement for him.

It's not that he has to do much, there is a cell that will rob the demon of his powers until the war is over and he will face his trial. He just needs to make sure that's exactly what will happen.

The demon arrives the next day and after Gabriel leaves, Aziraphale cautiously approaches the cell with his sketchbook and quill pen. Through the bars sits a red-haired demon, his back to the wall and his gaze fixed on the floor. "Hello" the angel says "My name is Aziraphale"

"I uh.. I will watch over you from now on" he introduces himself with the usual politeness. No need to be rude, after all. "And you" he glances at the book in his hand "Demon Crawley. You will stand trial as soon as-" "Crowley"

"Sorry?" Aziraphale asked, surprised to hear the demon's voice "The name is Crowley, not Crawley" the demon turned his gaze to him. He had big yellow eyes. He really is the Serpent of eden, Aziraphale thought, as the records said.

"I apologize, the documents are probably out of date. Since when are you called Crowley, if I may ask?" Aziraphale brought his quill closer to the page. "The last 6000 years"

"right" Aziraphale wrote Crowley's name in his neat handwriting. "pleasure to meet you, Demon Crowley. Despite the..circumstances. I did hear about you a bit before the.. apocalypse thing" "well that went down like a lead balloon" "excuse me, what was that?"

"I said that went down like a lead balloon" "Oh yes. yes, it did rather" Aziraphale nodded "well I- I'll be in the office at the end of the hall, if you need anything you can call me. Or make any kind of noise, I assume, and I-"

The demon surveyed him for a moment. "Shouldn't you have a flame sword?" he asks him "like all the guards?" "Ah.." "Lost it already, have you?" "..I gave it away" "you wot?" "I gave it away!" the angel called

"Muriel lost her sword and they did an ammo check and it's not like someone is checking mine so I gave her the sword and said here take it don't thank me and don't let Michael catch you here" Aziraphale looked anxiously at the quill pen "I do hope I did the right thing"

Crowley looked more amused now than at the beginning of their conversation "Well you're still on the right side of those bars, angel, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about"

----------------------- They didn't talk much, at first. Aziraphale passed the time arranging papers that no one would bother to read and Crowley passed the time in... well, Aziraphale wasn't sure.

He walked past him once and saw him lying wrapped in his wings with his eyes closed. He wondered if demons could sleep. When he was awake, he looked.. quite miserable. Aziraphale sighed.

He can't blame him, he too would be miserable alone in his office if he didn't have the books and the gramophone and the wi- oh.

Aziraphale approached Crowley's cell. The demon sat there, playing with a long red curl between his fingers. "Still sitting here?" Aziraphale tried to offer a smile "What else am I going to do?" Crowley shot back "adopt an aardvark?"

Aziraphale wasn't sure what an aardvark was but decided not to ask. "Just trying to make conversation" he handed him a mug "I thought you might want to share a glass with me" Crowley looked at the mug uncertainly. "It's safe, I promise" Aziraphale told him.

Crowley reached for the mug and immediately pulled back in pain. "W-what happened?" Aziraphale asked with wide eyes "The damn bars" Crowley rubbed the back of his hand "They must have blessed them, the bastards"

"I'm sorry" Aziraphale told him. He had just assured him that it was safe. "I didn't know." The angel came closer and put his arm through the bars as far as he could. Crowley looked at him in surprise for a moment but took the mug in his unburned hand.

He glanced into the cup and raised his eyebrows in surprise "Wine?" "I picked up a dozen cases in my visit to Earth in 1921. There is still some left for special occasions" Crowley took a sip and sighed deeply.

"Thought you might appreciate it" Aziraphale smiled. "didn't think I'd ever drink human wine again. Not very big on wine in heaven, are your bosses okay with that?"

"Well" Aziraphale cleared his throat. A small knowing smile spread across Crowley's face. It was.. quite nice. The demon raised his cup in the air in his direction. Aziraphale recognized the gesture happily and raised his mug as well "Salutaria!"

----------------------- They gradually began to talk more. Aziraphale brought him books and wine and some food that he kept from the lost planet, miraculously preserved despite the time. He presented him one by one with everything he kept in his collection

happy to finally share it with someone ("I can't believe that of all you could have brought, you kept a magic kit"). The human world was Aziraphale's favorite subject and Crowley was the chief expert.

Aziraphale sat for long hours by the cell and Crowley told him stories about theater and dancing and food, anything Aziraphale was interested in. It would sometimes bring a bittersweet smile out of the demon.

"I wish I could be a part of that world" Aziraphale told him. 'I wish I could have met you there before,' he did not add. "You sound like Ariel" Crowley smiled and Aziraphale handed him the bottle through the bars. "one of your friends?" "not exactly"

In between, Aziraphale began reading every document and report on Crowley that had been confiscated from Hell. It was part of the job, he told himself, 'know the enemy' and all that. Or 'know your hereditary enemy' at least. "It's all bullshit," Crowley told him later "what?"

"I didn't really do any of that" Crowley stretched and went back to leaning against the wall "Don't look at me like that, it's not like you mentioned your secret books in your reports. everyone lies" "Is the name.." Aziraphale glanced at his book "Anthony J, a lie too?"

"No, this one I actually used" Crowley glanced at him "You.. don't like it?" "No no, I didn't say that" It was hard not to like anything about Crowley, but Aziraphale didn't say that either.

Most of the time there was no one there but them. well, except for the rats that somehow found their way into the offices of heaven. "It's not like I can get rid of them, I'm an angel, I'm supposed to love every living thing" "You feed them, don't you? Of course you do"

The cell took Crowley's powers but he still has a strange control over the rats. probably the snake in him. Aziraphale looks down one day and sees one of them holding a piece of paper in his mouth, cut from the notebook he left at Crowley's. 'Can I tempt you to a spot of lunch?'

It becomes a little game they play. Aziraphale sits down next to him and asks him where they are eating today "What about France? Have you ever been to Paris?" Then Crowley would tell him about lost cities and the restaurants that once filled them.

Crowley wasn't particularly interested in food, Aziraphale noticed, but he enjoyed inviting the angel to eat next to him. It didn't take long for Aziraphale to take the papers and notebooks with him and sit down to work next to Crowley's cell whenever possible.

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