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THREAD Today I finally received my Starlink beta kit from @SpaceX. I've wanted Starlink ever since it was announced years ago and now that I finally have it and I couldn't be happier! I currently pay $85 a month for 80mbps down and an unknown number up.

That doesn't sound to bad right? Wrong. I may be paying for that much but in the 5 years or so i've had my current ISP I have never seen speeds close to that. I get 10-15mbps normally and about 25 on a good day. I've had my Starlink plugged in for about an hour now...

And the first speed test I ran was 77mbps down and 9.5 mbps up (pictures to follow). And that was on the lower end. The fastest test I have ran so far was 130 mbps, however I was sitting next to the router for that one so that may have affected it.

Aside from the few dropouts I experienced when the dish first set itself up, I haven't noticed a drop since and speeds have been consistently faster than what I ever saw with my current ISP. Even now with not nearly as many satellites in orbit as SpaceX wants...

In the future as the constellation is still in its infancy, it is already better than my current ISP, and it will only continue to get better as more satellites are launched and more orbital planes are filled.

I can not thank @SpaceX and @elonmusk enough for bringing better internet to people like me who live in rural areas with no access to cable or fiber. I absolutely can't wait to see what type of speeds are possible in the future with Starlink! Photos⬇️

What's in the Starlink kit. Cables came hooked up right out of the box. I could have this unpacked and searching for satellites in under a minute if I wanted to! 1. Instructions 2. Dish and accessories 3. Power supply 4. Router

Set dishy on the ground for now until the pipe adaptor arrives. 1. Dishy 2. One of the first speed tests 3. Fastest speed test so far (standing next to the router)

Just did another speed test. This one was with the router in it's final spot in the next room from my PC.

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