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I have discussed the importance of gut health numerous times, and for good reason. It is one of the absolute most important factors when it comes to your overall health.

An inflamed gut can contribute to all sorts of issues including autoimmune disease, allergies, GI disorders, depression/anxiety, skin issues and much more. Unfortunately, we are routinely exposed to things that inflame the gut, and cause tons of other issues. Here are 8:

3. Stress Chronic stress increases intestinal permeability which contributes to leaky gut. This allows inflammatory bacteria to enter blood circulation. Stress also deteriorates the GI mucous layer.

It is important to note that gluten may affect everyone differently. If you tolerate gluten well, then this is most likely not an issue. Unfortunately, in the US at least, glyphosate sprayed on the wheat crops may be the contributing factor to gut issues. Learn more here:

6. Circadian rhythm disruption Your circadian rhythm regulates many aspects of your health, gut health being one of them. Disruption in circadian rhythm has been shown to promote growth of inflammatory gut bacteria.

Here is more information on the circadian rhythm:

7. Antibiotics Unfortunately antibiotics are prescribed extremely frequently today. They can reduce the diversity and abundance of gut bacteria, and have long term, negative effects on the gut.

Tons of new chemicals are being made my different industries every year, without knowing the long term consequences. There are many, but a great example is BPA. BPA can increase harmful gut bacteria while also increasing intestinal permeability.

Other common toxins that can disrupt the gut are triclosan (found in hand sanitizer), glyphosate, and many more.

It is important to note that for most of these things, the poison is in the dose. If you have a perfectly healthy gut, these things in moderation won’t be a huge issue. The problem is, these things are extremely common today, and most people are being exposed far too often.

If you are dealing with major gut or inflammatory issues, it would be wise to avoid these things entirely while you address those issues.

Learn more about the link between your gut and brain here:

Learn more about taking care of your gut here:

PS, If you struggle with gut issues and need help addressing them, DM me “food”!

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