Benjamin Pittet

Benjamin Pittet



I think this thread will surprise you... Russia is digging new trenches in... Northern Crimea! 1/

Russia has restored the trenches of the Chonhar checkpoint between Crimea and the Kherson Oblast. New trenches were also built. August 12 and October 8๐Ÿ‘‡ 2/

The situation is the same in the north-western part of Crimea, near Armyansk. Old trenches are renovated and new ones are dug. In this image, we can see an excavator digging a new trench. 3/

A little further north, other positions are being built. In Novotroits'ke, for example, a huge defensive position has been dug. Numerous other positions are visible throughout the region. They are building a fortress. 46.38075110, 34.30426222 4/

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