The chaos of SakuAtsu being summer camp counselors. Sakusa trying to keep everyone on schedule, and covered in sunscreen. Atsumu constantly shirtless, and wet from the lake, braiding feathers into all the campers hair. Wearing high waisted jeans shorts, and high top converse.

He looks so young and carefree, Sakusa can’t keep his eyes off of him. The way Atsumu’s blonde hair is nearly white in the sun. They sleep in the same bunk in the counselors cabin, and Sakusa has to think of the mosquitoes and the out house every night so he won’t get hard

at the sounds Atsumu makes in his sleep. It only lasts until they are inevitably showering at the same time. The scent of green apples wafting from Atsumu. Sakusa tells himself it’s the scent that makes his mouth water, and not Atsumu’s stomach. His hips. His mouth. The trail

of hair leading down to what he assumes is a very pretty cock. Everything about the man is good looking. "We should hang out after camp," Atsumu is speaking to him, but he's wearing the tiniest towel Sakusa has ever seen. It has to be a wash cloth. "Yes, definitely,"

Sakusa would agree to literally anything at this point. "Good. Because ya look so good in the camp uniform, but I bet ya look better out of it." Atsumu's teeth are bright white, and the wink sends him out of orbit. "I don't think I've seen you be anything but practically naked,"

Sakusa's eyes do not wander. They don't. Atsumu's grin widens. "And yet, you never show up in my bunk," Atsumu drops his towel and dresses under Sakusa's frantic eyes. "What a shame." The last morning of camp, Sakusa smells of sunshine and apples. Bruises from a greedy mouth

tucked under his uniform. Atsumu wears his uniform for once as well, blush high on his cheeks. Sakusa thinks the look suits him.

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