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7 Reasons Why You Can't Just Ask Your Lover To Go Crazy In The Bedroom [THREAD]

1. It gives her anxiety about your desires because she’s never tried them or doesn’t believe you are the right man to take her through them. She has a chance to overthink your desires rather than get caught up in the moment.

2. It implies that you don’t know how to get a woman to even do the thing you desire and she doesn’t want to be taken through the new experience by an amateur. Only a deserving, experienced man gets to go crazy in bed with her.

3. It is a form of asking permission. Masculine men are supposed to give permission and not ask for it. This doesn’t mean you must force, it means you must learn to inspire and lead.

4. Having to ask her means that you aren’t getting her into a crazy/eager enough mood in the bedroom anyway. When you are in a flow state together, there will be no need for questions.

5. Labelling a bedroom activity takes away the excitement and spontaneity. Things of that nature are best left unsaid to allow the right kind of sexual tension to build.

6. It shows her that you don’t have very much social intelligence and that you can’t communicate non-verbally or with subtlety. You obviously haven’t interacted with enough people (or women) to fully know what you are doing.

7. It will subconsciously or consciously annoy her that you have to ask and can’t just lead her through it. It won’t just put her off in the bedroom, it will make her question the entire relationship and your leadership skills.

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