Twila❄ | 📌atsn Tangled fic!

Twila❄ | 📌atsn Tangled fic!



// omegaverse NSFW beta Atsumu, alpha Suna, omega Sakusa Suna has always been Atsumu's alpha. When Suna presented as an alpha at the end of first year, he began to gravitate toward Atsumu. And to be honest, Atsumu didn't really get it—he was a beta. Alphas, especially a newly +

presented one, are all over omegas. However, Suna didn't show any interest. Atsumu happily accepted it, and they started dating—well, courting. However, as they grew and eventually joined the V. League, he began to wonder if this would satisfy Suna in the long run. Suna +

assured him that he would always be Atsumu's alpha, even as he paid special attention to his scent glands that would never be able to hold a mating bite. Suna loves him though, Atsumu knew he did. He told him time and time again when Atsumu was splayed out on the bed, taking +

his knot, drunk on the scent of Suna's alpha pheromones. Sakusa Kiyoomi joining MSBY changed everything. Sakusa was drawn to Atsumu—that much was obvious, and that's not an unusual occurrence. Betas had a softer often muted scent, and Sakusa had a sensitive nose. Betas were +

much less aggressive than alphas, safer. And Sakusa was an unusually aggressive omega, so Atsumu understood why he was the teammate Sakusa sought out most often. They grew close because of this. But then came the scenting. Atsumu has been away from his dear alpha much longer +

than he'd like, leaving him free of Suna's patchouli scent. It made him available, even though Atsumu wasn't shy to proclaim the EJP middle blocker as his alpha. That didn't deter Sakusa from leaving his floral scent all over Atsumu. It was intoxicating. +

One day, Suna came down to Osaka to surprise his beta. Atsumu sprinted into his arms when he saw him outside, waiting for him. Suna squeezed him tight but suddenly took a sharp inhale. Atsumu realized that he was covered in Sakusa's sweet scent. Suna must be thinking the worst. +

"Oh, sorry, I smell like Omi-kun. Scenting makes him feel better," he said. "Sakusa Kiyoomi?" Suna asked, looking past Atsumu's shoulder. "Yep! Watcha lookin' at, Rin?" He turned and saw Sakusa standing by the door, watching them. +

It's as Atsumu looked back to Suna and saw his face that he felt that he understood what was going on. /Oh./ Rin liked Kiyoomi's scent. He'd always worried about it, though, not as much recently. That one day, Suna would find a suitable omega. Sakusa was a suitable omega. +

More than suitable. Was he going to leave Atsumu now? He didn't bring it up. Not even when Suna fucked him extra hard that night, leaving bite marks all over him. The next day, Sakusa looked him up and down before rolling his eyes and walking away. Atsumu didn't know what to +

make of it, and the tension continued to grow. Sakusa became more incessant with his scenting, and Suna grew more ravenous. It was like they were in a war with each other, and Atsumu was the collateral damage like some strange courting gift. It began to weigh heavily on him. +

Atsumu loved Suna more than he could say. And he liked Sakusa. Of course, he did. But he chose to ignore it all, hoping it would just go away. It came to a head at the first EJP vs MSBY game of the season. +

Sakusa, very deliberately, scents Atsumu in the middle of the court for everyone to see, making direct eye contact with Suna. Now, Suna wasn't an overall aggressive alpha, most called him paid-back. Irritable, yes. Aggressive, not really. In fact, Atsumu didn't think he'd +

ever seen Suna /mad/ mad. Not until then. Suna's scent flared, thick in the air as he stalked forward, ducking under the net. Whistles blew, people shouted, Washio even tried to hold Suna back, but Atsumu's world narrowed down to what left Suna's lips. +

"Get your hands off of /my/ beta," he snarled, pulling Atsumu against his chest. /My beta./ The swell of pheromones made Atsumu dizzy, and he didn't even notice when they were escorted off the court and into the locker rooms to /work it out/. He's just so /happy/. +

"Stop trying to seduce Atsumu with your fairy scent," Suna said, refusing to let Atsumu go. "I'm not trying to seduce him, you oaf. Well, not entirely." "Then what the fuck are you doing leaving that kind of scent on him?" +

"My /god/ alphas are stupid." That caused Suna to growl. Sakusa just rolled his eyes though. "I'm /trying/ to show interest in forming a triad." A triad with Rin and Omi? Atsumu liked the idea of that. Triads were sort of like packs but more intimate, though that didn't +

outright mean they were all inherently sexual (even if most were). Triads consisted of an alpha, beta, and omega; and that triad could be part of a larger pack. In fact, multiple triads could exist in a single pack. Those in the triad though, they held the strongest of bonds. +

Most triads were formed by an alpha/omega pair looking for a beta to complete it. No wonder they didn't pick up the signs. Suna's aggression dropped suddenly. "Oh. Why?" +

"Because I like Atsumu, and you're not the most insufferable alpha. Plus, you're /Atsumu's/ alpha. I trust his judgment." "What do you think, Atsumu?" Suna asked, his lips pressed close to the shell of his ear. Compatibility was essential, and despite what Suna may say about +

not being interested in omegas, Atsumu could tell that this intrigued him. He'd be lying if he said it didn't intrigue him too. "We could give it a trial run?" Suna and Sakusa looked at each other and smirked. Apparently, their version of a trial run varied greatly from +

Atsumu because how else would he have found himself in a hotel room with Suna pounding into his ass and Sakusa sitting on his face? He'd never tasted omega slick before, and he thought he was high. Suna and Sakusa aggressively kiss over him, and Atsumu couldn't even see it, +

only hearing the sloppy sounds. Their pheromones were so heavy in the air that Atsumu could barely do anything other than lay there and let them use him. Sakusa's ass suffocated him, and he held onto his thighs for dear life, gasping each time Suna thrusted deeper into him. +

This wasn't a bad way to go though. Atsumu wasn't sure how many times he came. He probably blacked out at some point. It was all so overwhelming. He laid there boneless, with a purring omega resting his head on Atsumu's chest and a content alpha wrapped around him like an +

octopus. He could get used to this. "You have to take care of him when I'm not there," Suna mumbles to Sakusa. Atsumu feels a sharp grin form on the omega's lips. "Oh, don't worry. I intend to."

//end Sorry for no proper smut scene, but threesomes intimidate me lmao. Maybe in the future :) Also thank you to Gabi for making me feral over beta Atsumu today

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