ana🦊🏐 || ✨spooky time✨

ana🦊🏐 || ✨spooky time✨



Mattress shopping is absolutely the most domestic shit Kiyoomi has ever done. He watches Atsumu test the different beds because of course Atsumu is picky while Kiyoomi could sleep almost anywhere. “This one is good, Omi! Wanna test it out?” “I trust your mattress judgement.”

No but really, how had they gotten here? Kiyoomi tips his head back, eyes closed, arms folded over his chest as he listens to Atsumu chatter to the sales associate. A dare. A challenge from the team to “figure it out”. A kiss in the rain and then Atsumu promptly sneezing.

And yet Kiyoomi hadn’t been disgusted. He groans, drumming his fingers against his biceps, phone vibrating as a charge goes through his and Atsumu’s credit card. He got his blissful happy ending because of a challenge. And if that wasn’t the most on brand thing for him, then…

A heavy sigh leaves Kiyoomi as he feels Atsumu lace their fingers together. They wouldn’t be them if they hadn’t gotten together because they were challenged to “figure it out”. Kiyoomi thinks, then, he could get on board with domesticity if this is how his days were spent.

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