Suna being awoken during a training camp, hearing the rustling of sheets and heavy pants. He barely blinked his eyes open, too lazy to investigate the sounds, but he didn’t really have to. He knew who it was. It always happened, interrupting his precious beauty sleep.

If he was tired before, he was plain awake now and listening to Atsumu getting fucked right beside him. “Samu— Samu, please” “Hush baby, you’re being too loud” Every. Night. Like clockwork. Honestly, he was surprised nobody else had heard them, I mean, they weren’t quiet.

He could lay there and argue that it pissed him off, but considering how his cock was filling out in his sweatpants, he couldn’t believe himself. What they were doing was wrong. /Gross/ even. And how his body reacted to them was so, so wrong. But guess he would have to listen to

Osamu’s low grunts while he degraded the blonde, and Atsumu’s weak pleads for him to stop despite whining like a bitch. He can’t control what he does and doesn’t hear, right?

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