#sakuatsu cw // nsfw, somno atsumu has a hundred different ways to wake kiyoomi from sleep, depending on his mood. on bad mornings he squeezes omi's torso like a boa constrictor, using him like a stress ball.

sometimes he peppers kisses all over omi's face, and sometimes he plunges his ice cold toes straight between kiyoomi's warm calves. kiyoomi always complains, but he has yet to push atsumu away, so he figures that's a good sign.

atsumu's absolute favourite method though? is riding him. more often than not he wakes up with omi's cock nestled between his ass cheeks anyway, so he says a little thank you to whichever deity invented morning wood, along with a murmured /itadakimasu/,

and then he swings a leg over to ride his boyfriend, still nice and loose from the previous night's activities. the glide is easy and smooth, pace unhurried, because in the soft haze of morning, they have all the time in the world to make love.

it's sweet and tender, the complete opposite of how they usually are, but the contrast is addicting. kiyoomi would never admit it, but all his best days start out that way.

soon, the ring at the bottom of his drawer will find a home on atsumu's finger, and they'll have the rest of forever to spend waking up in each other's embrace.

fin. short and sweet thread to kickstart the morning! เฌ˜(เฉญหŠแต•ห‹)เฉญ

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