COVERED IN STARDUST: The Aryan's Stellar History and Destiny

Starting research for this thread, I thought I would've a lot shorter and too the point. Nordic Aliens seems like a very specific topic to cover. I very quickly realized just how complicated the subject was. 'Nordic aliens? Which group? Which race? Which time period?'

However! I think I've constructed a basic timeline for humans amongst the stars and on earth. I'll simplify things as best I can. It precedes the universe itself, at least as it currently exists. I'm sure some of you are aware of a certain lad named Hubbard.

Hubbard, whilst he was tinkering with his doctrines and methods of auditing, accidentally discovered past-life regression. Initially Hubbard disregarded these memories, he gradually came around to the notion. He figured out that Thetans, what he termed souls, were ancient.

Thetans, which I believe are essentially synonymous with Blavatsky's Polarians, inhabited a universe created for them by the Builder of Angels. God. Thetans poured into our universe, finding various worlds created by God for habitation and living on them in spiritual form.

This was true for multiple different worlds, Earth being simply one world of many. The various plants and animals, at least their primeval versions of them, were previously crafted by God so the Thetan-Polarians wouldn't be alone.

Every living creature, the universe itself was constructed by the Monad, God. Thetans-Polarians/You carry a divine seed with an intrinsic connection to God. But I'm getting off track. What happened when the Polarians assumed physical form on Earth and other lands?

Well, things didn't go smoothly. Humans on earth originally inhabited a mountainous region close to the north pole, though it wasn't as cold as it is today. You know these as Hyperboreans. They had a caste system, based on needs, physical and psionic strength, and physical age.

Something similar happened on other worlds. Lyra also had giants. (This will become important later.) The Moon was habitable then, and the highest castes of the golden-skinned Hyperboreans using the moon as a spiritual temple, in order to reconnect with the heavens.

It's all downhill from here. The Demiurge and the Ahriman, wicked twins specifically chained down during the act of creation, first tempted Satan into a failed revolution, casting Lucifer to earth. The Demiurge and Ahriman then created a series of faulty hyperborean mimics.

The Demiurge is a blind, idiot god, a faulty Hephaestus so to speak. However, he is incredibly strong. The Ahriman is the opposite, brilliantly intelligent but extremely weak. Working together, these two beings, after many errors, crafted an inferior copy of man.

I don't know if this same process occurred on other worlds, but I suspect the Evil Twins at least attempted it. The Hyperboreans began breeding with these inferior copies, quickly diluting their celestial blood and powers. Some Hyperboreans vaguely resembled the false humans.

Hyperboreans, the wise ones at least, quickly made an executive decision, and fled the rising tide of crooked-blooded beings, sinking Hyperborea into the sea and freezing the earth. They even detonated some volcanoes just to be sure. This is where the stars start to play a role.

PART DEUX: The Trial of The Lyrans

Lyra was a world also inhabited by Thetan-Polarians, and the assorted castes of their version of Hyperboreans. They too had giants as well. Apparently, on Lyra, if they did experience the homunculi constructed by the Demiurge and Ahriman, they managed chase them off.

However, they were not immune to the tricks of the Evil Twins. Lulled into a false sense of security, they became pacifistic. If lust was the sin of earth, sloth was that of Lyra. This was a mistake. And this became apparent once the armada arrived.

They weren't reptilians, those come later. These were Trantaloids.

I couldn't find much on the Trantaloids. However, these beings seem to be the managers of other groups, such as reptiles, hostile nordics, etc. They're a mystery otherwise. I don't think they run the show, but they're definitely higher up the hierarchy of evil.

The Trantaloids massacred the willfully defenseless Lyrans. They had weapons, dangerous ones, however they rarely killed, and the Lyrans had a healing factor much greater than modern humans. Not that it mattered. Lyra was utterly annihilated.

Lyrans scattered across the stars, seeding numerous other worlds with their refugees. They may have met earth's hyperboreans somewhere. I don't know that last bit for sure though. The Trantaloids were aided by double agents, as they had discreetly placed shapeshifters on Lyra.

The Trantaloids had infected the bloodline of Lyra and inserted their mongrel agents into various crucial areas. Weapons, supply lines, communications. The result was total chaos and confusion. Billions were killed in a few days. The Trantaloids had their cattle.

The it wasn't a flawless victory. Some Lyrans had escaped the mass slaughter, some with their own ships, some after the assault by taking over theirs. But it was good enough. The Trantaloids then began to experiment on the Lyrans. They used them as slaves, food, pets, concubines

The Lyrans that had escaped the Destruction of Lyra converged on the Pleiades and other stellar systems. They weren't alone. The Trantaloids are ruled by androgynous Herm-Queens, with full females and males be assigned jobs as breeders and warriors respectively, in general.

The Destruction of Lyra wasn't the first battle, but it was the most destructive. This was the start of the Orion Wars.

PART THREE: The Interstellar Wars

The Orion Wars, named after the constellation from which the hostiles originated, are the origin point for significant alien involvement on Earth. Most alien beings you know of originate from this time. It appears that the Draconians/Reptiles were an ally of the Trantaloids.

After the Destruction of Lyra, the post-Lyric race scattered and later met up at the Pleiades. Keep in mind, while all this is happening, beings are reincarnating.

The Pleiadians, those inhabiting Sirius, and other races founded or unified by the post-Lyric peoples, united to fight the Orion Forces, eventually forcing them into some kind of agreement or ceasefire This doesn't mean the violence is at an end. It means it's not formal anymore

Nor does this mean the Orion Group is the only enemy of earth. Towards the end of formal hostilities, a new group based solely on mechanized assimilation appeared. Ruled by a totalizing, hyper-industrial AI, this entity, which I'll call The Amalgamation began to take root.

So where's earth in all this? The stone age. When the pure-blooded Hyperboreans fled, they left everyone with the possibility of ancestry on earth. This resulted in thousands of years of brutal warfare on earth. However, in that mass slaughter, something happened.

The degraded hyperboreans began to expand outwards, violently displacing an eliminating the false humans that had tormented them for so long with their savagery. Sooner or later, contact with Atlantis was made. It was the first Pleiadean colony on earth, and third in the system

The Atlanteans set up colonies across Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and the New World. They were surprised by the sight of Hyperborean-blooded people. And like before, they wedded them. They set up colonies and conquered nations with them.

Atlantis grew decadent however. It was essentially a viceroy over the earth. They continued to mingle their seed with the degraded hyperboreans, ultimately forming the aryan race. This degradation was tolerable for a while. However the Atlanteans began to make deals.

They first discovered that not all the pure hyperboreans left. Some had fled underground and become cannibalistic. The Atlanteans tried to integrate them. Atlantis also began to experiment on genetics, mysticism, crafting another race, and atlantis began to bifurcate.

Black magicians spliced their genes with those of any creature they saw fit. They crafted a race of almost mindless golems to use as they saw fit, even mingling their seed with these beings. This group of black magicians became the Sons of Belial.

Part Four: The Collapse of Atlantis I'll continue this later. Go ahead and ask questions till then

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