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ari, dream~mami 🌦



WORLDBUILDING THRU THE HOUSES 🧵 they don't fit so these are snippets, full thing on sunstack.

ONE: know yourself. meet yourself again & again. get in the driver seat & stay there. become the change you wish to see. trust the body as a vehicle, a channel of communication, a place to take care of so you stay grounded.

TWO: notice your resources, material & immaterial. unpack the blessings and baggage your ancestors dropped you off here with. invest into your well-being at every opportunity, whether it makes linear sense or not.

THREE: approach every interaction as an encounter with god. communicate what you really mean by taking the time to know what you really want to say. ritualize the making and maintaining of connections. create ecologies of care and distribution.

FOUR: get to know your own context intimately so other people don’t have to trip on it. define home, belonging, and ancestry on your own terms. approach history with honor and laughter; feel the future grow from the roots of your response-ability.

FIVE: play with looking at everything as a gesture of creativity. humble your philosophies by centering the reality children are and will be in. make love like art, make art like sex, make sex like art.

SIX: steward the body, steward the land, steward the resources, steward each other. remember that the maintenance isn’t the point, it’s the orchestrated string symphony of care The Point™️ is sustained by. be willing to learn that it’s the fractals from which a world is built.

SEVEN: when you’re ready, begin practicing worldbuilding with others. discern who shares your values, interests, and principles. be clear about your visionary commitments and let the container of each relationship design itself, each becoming a pillar of the new world.

EIGHT: distribute your resources (emotional, spiritual, relational, material) in ways that increase the receptivity within yourself and others. trust when it’s time to evaluate how much pain from the past you are carrying because worldbuilding requires we travel lightly.

NINE: worldbuilding is a mastery of perception. worldbuilding is a ceremonial philosophy. worldbuilding is a pilgrimage, an eternal rite of passage, an arrival of the Vision.

TEN: the Vision takes shape and form and breathes a life of its own. worldbuilding legacies sprawl out beyond possession, their impacts appearing in the most unexpected places, like moss growing through cement, watered by lineage and adaptation.

ELEVEN: waterfalls of gratitude and celebration keep the new world hydrated, prolific, and kind. relationship is the resource, the economy, the ecology, and the measurement of worldbuilding. every embodiment of a dream opens doors into blessings for everyone.

TWELVE: the liminal, unknown places are the entryways from one world into the next. worldbuilding is neurological, it is psychosomatic, it is a spiritual dedication beyond the constructs that dissolve at the touch of Truth.

p.s: in How to Build your Dream World I’m teaching/facilitating full moon ritual on 1) What is worldbuilding and how does it work? 2) What is the vision of the world you are building? 3) What feels like it’s in the way of you worldbuilding right now? come thru.

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