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#Zhongchi 🔶💧 #Capitaru 🛡💧 Implied🔞 The harbingers had all gotten drunk at dinner one night, a rare occurrence for them. Somehow the topic for all of them had become “how did you lose your virginity?” And eventually, the question got passed around to Childe.

Childe looked down at his glass and laughed a little as all eyes fell on him. He was the youngest, and he’d only slept with one man, he didn’t have some crazy abyssal sex story like Capitano, or some weird clonecest story like Dottore… but his heart fluttered when he remembered

it. “Ha, it happened when I was still in Liyue..” “Ah, so I see” Pantalone snickers, “do go on.” Childe huffs, “Well, I guess not everyone gets to tell the story of how they fucked the geo archon right? Or, well, in my case Zhongli..” he whispers, biting his lip.

Capitano’s eyes are staring into him, and even though he can’t see them, especially still looking down, he can *feel* his stare. “We were getting drinks together one night…” ✨🔶💧✨ “Xiansheng! How about we head to third round knockout and share some drinks tonight?”

“Sounds good to me,” Zhongli had smiled, so so sweet (as Childe remembers). They’d both sat down, ordered some drinks and snacks and ended up having… way too many drinks, far more than just one too many. One thing lead to another and that night Zhongli had gently tossed

the beautiful ginger onto his bed, crawling over top of him and trailing hot, wet kisses down his neck. “W-Wait…” Childe whispered shyly as Zhongli’s hand trailed along his upper thigh. “I’ve never…” Zhongli made a soft sound, gently placing another kiss on his neck before

sitting up. “Ah.. I suppose in these conditions then, it’d be best to not continue.” Childe blushes, “I want you.” He whispers, “I just… I’m scared…” he says softly. “You’re also drunk.” “I’m not sure I’d have the courage to ask you to do this sober” he admits. ✨🔶💧✨

“I still remember it.. how gently he treated me” Childe sighs. “You sound like you’re in love.” Dottore laughs, “Sweet little Tartaglia in love with a god, how cute.” Childe shakes his head, huffing out an annoyed breath. “I *was* in love. It was stupid… but I’m not anymore.

You can never trust a god with your heart.” There’s a small rumbling sound from Capitano and Childe flushes as he looks up at him. Capitano on the other hand… his dear captain who he’s had a crush on since gods know how long, his idol… he wished it could have been him

instead. No, he hadn’t ever regretted his first going the way it had, especially since he’d managed to remember it even with how drunk he was… but Capitano… was still everything he wanted. “I think that’s enough for all of us tonight” Capitano mumbled. “Agree. Let’s

split up. In the morning we’ll continue on as normal” Pierro says, getting up from the table and sighing. Childe nods and bites his lip, immediately rushing off to his room. “Is the old captain jealous?” Dottore snickered, nudging the man’s side. Capitano scoffed before

leaving without another word. “Oh, I feel as if soon, perhaps little Tartaglia’s dreams may be coming true” Pantalone says. “Well, if I do remember correctly… abyssal rut season is coming up. Since Childe also has some abyssal connection, perhaps Capitano is getting a little

more interested.” “A *little*? It felt as if he might just eat the boy alive a few moments ago.” Pantalone laughs, resting an arm on Dottore’s shoulder. “I bet he’ll break before the rut period even hits. “Ha. Fine. You bet, and if you’re wrong you fund my whole next project.”

“And if I’m right?” “Well thats up to you now, isn’t it dear? You can think it over more, I’m sure we have plenty of time.” Let’s just say… Pantalone won the bet and when the results were certain, he’d gotten the dearest doctor and his clones to perform quite the experiment

on him as well 🤭

Sorry my brain juice died from getting interrupted :’))

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