Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi

Marty⁷: a sucker for tattooed Sakusa Kiyoomi



#omigirin/#sakusunaosa College student Kiyoomi is not really looking for a job but applies for the open position at that newly opened onigiri place because– well, the owner is hot. One look at those arms in compression sleeves had Kiyoomi eager to get the job.

Admittedly, Kiyoomi knows he’s not the best with people, but he’s efficient and the place will be so spotless that Osamu won’t regret hiring him.

His efficiency is partially compromised because he’s easily distracted when Osamu is around (which is more often than not), but he makes up for it by helping him unload the supply truck.

He is /that/ good of an employee /and/ he gets to stare at Osamu’s (already tight) shirt stretching /very nicely/ over his pecs as he lifts the heavy bags of rice.

Not even two weeks later he gets called out on his staring. Not by Osamu himself but rather from a customer he just served. He must be really observant because there is no way he's /that/ obvious.

The man is leaning forward; forearms crossed on the edge of the counter, a gleam in his eyes that Kiyoomi can't quite decipher. “So,” the customer starts; a shit eating grin on his face,“how do you like my boyfriend?” Kiyoomi freezes.

"Rin!" Osamu yells from the kitchen, "let him be!" The grin on Rin's face widens. Kiyoomi wants to disappear. "He looks good in those compression sleeves, doesn't he? I gifted them to him." "Rin…" Osamu sighs.

He is now leaning against the kitchen's doorframe, arms crossed on his chest; an eyebrow raised at Rin's direction. Rin ogles his figure openly and unshamefully. "I quit." It was good till it lasted. Now Kiyoomi wants to dig his own greve and never come back.

The couple laughs. "Please don't," Osamu says as he makes his way towards them. "It'll be a pain to look for someone else and besides…" he places a hand on Kiyoomi's waist as he passes behind him and whispers in his ear. "I don't mind you staring, darlin'."

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