Cass 📌 SKTS Under the green light AU 💚

Cass 📌 SKTS Under the green light AU 💚



Sakuatsu // Omegaverse // Omega Atsumu / Beta Kiyoomi - Sleeping arrangement - It's a Cass thread, if you see typos, you know the drill !

Atsumu puffed the pillows on his bed one more time, making sure they feel cold under his fingers. He got up and straightened the blanket for the nth time of the afternoon.

One glance at the clock, he should get ready. He already was, but just to make sure, he gave a quick (throughout) look in the mirror. No product in his hair, just his bare face, dressed in a comfortable hoodie and his pajama bottom. Ready for bed.

Atsumu still had a hard time processing what little arrangement he and his friend/teammate/crush had come up with. Slowly he released for of his fresh cotton scent around him, a faint smile blooming on his face.

He caught his reflection in the mirror and wanted to curse at himself. There was nothing romantic or sexual between them, just two friends, cuddling at night, in Atsumu's bed.

At first, it was a one-time thing, who quickly evolved into a two times a week thing, and now, it was a four days a week thing.

Kiyoomi asked multiple times if it was too much, or if they should go back to their old frequency, but Atsumu didn't want that. The omega felt safe having Kiyoomi close to him.

When Kiyoomi asked him why Atsumu was so cool with the whole thing, the omega just shrugged it off, calling it "an omega thing". It wasn't an omega thing. It was an Atsumu thing. But no one had to know that.

Lost in his thoughts, Atsumu barely heard the knock on his door. He blinked rapidly and rushed to his front door. He shook his shoulder, trying to loosen up. Atsumu opened the door, and the scent of lavender hit him. "H-y, Hey," He cleared his throat.

Kiyoomi frowned a bit in front of him, cladded in his pajamas as well. "Hey, are you alright?"

Atsumu snorted and cleared a path for the beta to come in. Mindlessly, he took a whiff. While lavender was prominent, Atsumu could still smell the other alphas of the dorms on the beta's jacket. "Is Bokkun in pre-rut or something ?" He asked, closing the door behind him.

Kiyoomi shrugged his jacket and sneakers off. Tilting his head to the side in false mockery. "Our whole dorm smells like a candy shop. I won't be craving caramel in the next decade thanks to him, "Kiyoomi joked.

"He does smell sweet for an alpha," Atsumu mumbled, his fingers cupping his chin. Atsumu took a step and walked into Kiyoomi's chest. "Oi, ya kinda blocking the way."

Kiyoomi took Atsumu's bang between his fingers and lifted it. "Your hair is getting long," The beta inched closer and Atsumu felt his face grow hot.

Before he could process, Kiyoomi let go and made his way to the kitchen, "You made the tea I recommended you," the beta kept talking as if he didn't make Atsumu combust a second earlier.

While they lack pheromones, betas had the most sensitive sense of smell among secondary genders. Which made Atsumu paranoid when he was a teen, scared to death that his mom would smell all his shenanigans before he stepped foot in this house.

Kiyoomi was roomed next to Bokuto in their dorm on the third floor, which was mostly filled with alphas. Kiyoomi had a hard time adjusting and got less sleep as soon as one of them went through their rut cycle.

Atsumu always thought Kiyoomi has no stamina, seeing how much he flopped on the floor after a match or an intense practice or how fast he fell asleep on public transportation or anywhere scents blockers were mandatory.

Atsumu used to tease him about that, until one day, the beta's dark circles started to concern Atsumu. He needed his hitter in top shape after all and his instincts led him to ask what was going on.

So they came up with this, Atsumu would help Kiyoomi sleep. Thanks to his scent he was able to calm the beta's nose and help him sleep. The first time they tried, Atsumu didn't get an ounce of sleep.

Kiyoomi was sleeping with a tight grip on Atsumu, his nose buried close to whatever scant gland he could find.

Atsumu remembered the time Kiyoomi rolled over Atsumu and kept him there, breath tickling Atsumu's collarbones. That night, Atsumu purred and fell asleep with Kiyoomi. The beta woke up and never fell better (Kiyoomi's words).

Atsumu saw the progress on the court, Kiyoomi was faster, stronger, and wittier. He kept calling Atsumu, challenging him to set, hit, mark, and win.

Atsumu was thriving, but what made his heart clench, is the time in the quiet hours, when the sun started its race.

How sometimes Kiyoomi would wake up for not even ten seconds, and the only thing he would do during that eclipse of time, he skimmed his nose alongside Atsumu's jaw and whispered a quiet "thank you".

Atsumu held his purr so many times. Why would Kiyoomi hold his face like it was precious, not caring in the slightest about how close they were?

Twin low thunks shook Atsumu out of his thoughts, Kiyoomi settled two cups of tea on Atsumu's table and patted the space next to him on the couch.

Another ritual that they initiated, they both talk before bed, on Atsumu's couch, talking about whatever was on their mind. At first, it was volleyball centered, but with time and trust, it was more about getting to know each other more and they both grew incredibly close.

Sometimes, Atsumu would catch Kiyoomi staring at him and silence would hang between them like something fragile. A delicate equilibrium. Something Atsumu was afraid to name only to lose.

Atsumu followed the trace of lavender and sat beside Kiyoomi. Atsumu liked to think that there was comfort in their routine and that it was one of the reasons Kiyoomi's presence made him feel at peace.

The omega sunk into the couch, talking with Kiyoomi until both of them lost track of time. Atsumu's eyes fluttered, struggling to stay open. Kiyoomi's voice could lull him to sleep, in addition to his lavender scent.

Atsumu was fully relaxed, his head propped on his hand, the Cup of tea empty and forgotten on the table.

"Okay, come on," Kiyoomi took the mug away from Atsumu's hand and set it beside his own, offering his hand to Atsumu. "Let's go to sleep, you're barely awake." The beta teased. "As if yer not desperate to lie down either, Omi-kun," Atsumu slurred with a hint of tease.

Atsumu got up with Kiyoomi's help, who surprisingly didn't let go of Atsumu's hand. Neither said anything as they made their way to the omega's bedroom.

As always, Kiyoomi let Atsumu go to bed first, even without a nest on it, an omega's bed, especially Atsumu's, was a sacred place. The omega let go of Kiyoomi's hand, not without a pang in his chest, and buried himself under his blankets, making a show of getting comfy.

Kiyoomi turned off the light in the living room and closed the bedroom door, he stood by the door until Atsumu signaled him that it was okay for him to come.

Without wasting another second, the beta made himself comfortable in bed, next to Atsumu. Something they've done so many times for their friends' status, and so little for what was laying underneath.

Kiyoomi exhaled, as the fresh cotton smell blanketed him. He turned to face Atsumu after turning the light off.

Only the low bedside lamp was on, enough to make the contours of each other's faces, not enough for Kiyoomi to spot Atsumu's cheeks grow red under the beta's careful eyes.

"This is perfect," Kiyoomi mumbled. "Ya like the new sheets? I got them for my heat, they don't make ya feel like yer suffocating," Atsumu caressed the sheets between them "I left a good review on their website, 10/10!" He joked.

Atsumu expected that nasty laugh between a snort and a sigh, but he only met silence. "Sleeping already?" He whispered, getting an inch closer. Kiyoomi's hand peaked out of the blankets, and the beta cupped Atsumu's cheek, rubbing his thumb on Atsumu's skin.

"Almost as soft as this," Kiyoomi murmured.

Atsumu blushed, his cotton scent permeating around them. Kiyoomi brought their forehead together. "At first, I was sure, it was your scent, but all this time, it was you a whole," Kiyoomi marveled, a soft veil on his eyes as they kept jumping from one eye to another.

Atsumu felt as if he was floating. "You, always, you. Whether it's on the court or outside," Kiyoomi kept confessing. Atsumu shivered as Kiyoomi lowered his hand until his wrist brushed slightly the omega's collarbones. "Omi," Atsumu's eyes fluttered closed.

"Atsu," Kiyoomi rolled Atsumu on his back, towering over him. The dim light made Kiyoomi look like an angel. "I love you, I have for a while now."

Warm tears pooled at the corner of Atsumu's eyes. He raised his hands shakily and cupped both sides of Kiyoomi's neck. "I love ya too, so much." Atsumu pulled Kiyoomi closer until the beta erased the distance between them, sealing their lips, slow and sweet.

When they part, Kiyoomi thumbed the remaining tears away, a soft smile adorning his face. "You're so pretty, Atsumu."

Atsumu turned his face into the pillow, making the beta chuckle. "Hey," he whispered before kissing Atsumu one more time. The omega sighed into the kiss, letting his lips part to deepen the kiss.

When they part for air, Atsumu rolled over in an attempt to hide his face, Kiyoomi settled behind him, looping an arm around the omega's middle, bringing him close to his chest. "Goodnight, Atsumu," Kiyoomi kissed his nape.

"Goodnight, Omi," Atsumu kissed the inside of Kiyoomi's wrist. "Let's do that again tomorrow." Kiyoomi declared. "Greedy," Atsumu teased and laughed when Kiyoomi nipped his neck. "Let's do that again, yeah. I would love that."

In the quiet hours of the night, their scents and breaths mingled, sealing their own bubble of happiness. When morning came, it was only so the next night would come faster, and they could find each other all over again. The end

This is just a smol fluffy thread to kick the sickness out of my body, hope you enjoy ! Take care 💗

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