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Porn is an addiction that you should take just as seriously as alcohol or hard drugs Let’s talk about it // THREAD //

So many people think porn isn’t an addiction. How could it be? It’s so widely accepted by everybody. It’s everywhere. And after all, we’re sexual beings. So how could it be an addiction? One of my guys, Millhouse, was someone who felt this way.

We first spoke back in early December and he was interested in quitting both porn and escorts. But he didn’t really think he was addicted to porn. He mostly wanted to stop seeing escorts because they were expensive... costing not only money, but feelings of self-worth.

We wrapped up our call and didn’t speak for almost a month. At that time, he started working really hard on quitting escorts on his own… And what he found was that porn became a much bigger problem.

He couldn’t stop. He had been using porn for many years longer than escorts, and after removing escorts from his life, porn once again took a front seat in his sexual life. It was over this period that he realized, “holy shit, I’m actually addicted.”

The thing is that addiction is common to almost all porn users. They just don’t realize. They tell themselves things like… “I’m in control.” “I can stop whenever I want. I just enjoy it.” “I can't be an addict because I’m not watching for hours every day.”

“I’m not as bad as THAT guy…” comparing themselves to really severe cases. The sober reality is this: If you try to stop using porn, and you can’t, you’re hooked. Most guys simply haven’t tried stopping for long enough to realize that they’re stuck in a trap.

So how did this happen? It’s because porn releases an unnatural amount of dopamine in the brain. Basically, porn tricks your brain into thinking that you have an unlimited selection of new sexual partners… and our bodies prioritize sex & reproduction highly.

This makes it HIGHLY addictive. So addictive that brain scans have shown that the brain activity of porn addicts looks nearly identical to the brains of heroin addicts.

Yep, I’ll say it again—what’s happening in a porn addict’s brain is comparable to what happens in a heroin addict’s brain. Check out this image. And unfortunately, this drug is very accessible. It’s free, unlimited, and available in your pocket 24/7.

It also has a lot of the same kinds of effects as drug addiction. • Loss of pleasure from life (desensitization) • Compulsive behavior • Loss of motivation • Low energy • Depression • Anxiety It's a serious problem.

So Millhouse realized porn had caught him in a trap and came back to me a few weeks later. When we spoke for the first time, he wasn’t sure that he was hooked. But after a while of seriously trying to stop, he knew he had a problem. So we started working together.

We approached the addiction in a well-rounded, comprehensive way. We increased the friction of making the wrong choices. We clarified why exactly it was so important for him to break out of these shackles.

We started working on changing the way his brain views porn so that instead of desiring it, he felt disgusted by it and wanted nothing to do with it. And we started working on improving various parts of his life too.

Improving your life in meaningful ways is critical... So that you can feel better about yourself and the direction your life is going—reducing the perceived need for escapism at its roots by genuinely making life better.

Long story short, Millhouse has been clean for over 2 months now. No porn or escorts. No desire for either. He has more energy, motivation, and mental clarity than he has in years. And now he wonders how he ever spent so long in the trap.

So yes, porn is an addiction. It’s an insidious, disgusting, life and relationship ruining trap. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to get out of when you have a brilliant plan and guidance.

That’s why I created my 1-on-1 porn recovery coaching program. To give ambitious, driven men who want to take their lives to the next level intensive care so they can take a short-cut to becoming the best version of themselves. I’ve opened the doors to the program once again.

I only have 5 slots available because I invest a lot of heart, soul, and time into my guys... and 7 people have already scheduled calls. So if you’re ready to leave this shit behind for good, don't wait. Click for more info

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