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The Greek God Lifestyle Guide πŸ”± These are the esoteric keys to gaining muscle, losing fat, and maximizing your testosterone year round Your boys will be questioning if you are natty or not by summer - THREAD -

How to properly β€œbulk” 🦍 The classic style of bulking is counter productive, as excess fat reduces testosterone, overall energy, and increases estrogen You should never bulk to the point of losing sight of your abs entirely, your goal should be to look aesthetic at all times

Replace most refined carbs/sugar with protein and fat. It is proven that fat consumption does not correlate to fat gain, but sugar consumption does Eat 3 high quality meals a day. Aim for close to 1Lb of meat/fish with every meal Throwing oats in everything won’t get you jacked

Keep in mind it is important to consume carbs and sugar, and by refined I mean things like white bread, pasta, and added sugars Never fear natural whole sources of carbohydrates πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

The ancestral diet πŸ₯© Eating foods passed down directly from our creator is the easiest way to maximize gains and minimize fat gain Eat organic grass fed meat, organs, fruit, *some* vegetables, raw honey and dairy Nothing processed, only home cooked, the way God intended

Processed foods and toxic seed oils wreak havoc on our bodies You have to choose bs food or ripped body, you can’t have both Once you eat entirely ancestral you won’t crave bs food anymore, your body and mind will be aligned with nature Your reward will be your physique

SUN 🌞 Sun rays & Vitamin D play massive roles in muscle development and hormones If you are inside all day, say goodbye to your testosterone and your happiness. Lack of sunlight is detrimental to mental health Bathe in sunlight daily and watch your physique & mind flourish

Intensity πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ I see too many people prioritizing volume but lift with no intensity Every set should be 80-90% to failure, the last reps are where the magic happens. Lift heavy and push your boundaries Increase load overtime, but don’t let volume take away from the intensity

Mind-muscle connection 🧠 Although training can be aggressive and energetic, you should still treat it like a meditation Place your awareness in your muscles, feel ever fiber contract, visualize the growth you want to see Form over weight always, maximize range of motion

There is a large spiritual aspect to lifting, it is more than just a physical act It is aligning mind, body, and spirit with the intent of real physical growth Practice flexing and posing after sessions to maximize mind-muscle connection

More in gym tips πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ - Slow eccentric on all movements - Explosive concentric on compound movements - Top off your last set per muscle group with a drop set - Put your phone on DND and do not avert your attention away from your session - Lift with someone bigger than you

Recovery πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ You must take minimum one rest day per week, preferably 2 Lifting everyday is killing your gains, it is not β€œalpha” to destroy your body and overwork your CNS On your rest days stretch or do yoga, let the blood flow to muscles to help them recover and grow faster

Sleep πŸ’€ Sleep can make or break your gains, it is when your muscles grow and is just as important as training itself Not sleeping enough reduces necessary repair functions, and significantly lowers testosterone and growth hormone Sleep minimum 8 hours nightly non negotiable

Semen retention πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Releasing your life force energy daily is killing your gains, it is making you weak physically and mentally We must do everything we can to maximize our energy Use your horniness as energy in the gym, the intensity of your sessions will blow your mind

HydrationπŸ’§ Water AND electrolytes are essential for hydration Most filtered water is stripped of necessary minerals, either drink spring water or add minerals yourself Keep water bottles in every room NO plastic, NO tap 🐸 IYKYK Cut out all soda, beer, processed juice, etc

Video games, Tv, screens πŸ“± Overconsumption of screens is bombarding you with toxic blue light Blue light heavily impacts your sleep and circadian rhythm in a negative manner As stated earlier, sleep will make or break your gains and recovery. Disable blue light on your phone

Alcohol 🍺 If you want to look like a greek god, the alcohol must be sacrificed It not only destroys your T/energy, but also slows down the recovery period significantly If you must drink have some tequila or vodka, drinking beer will turn you into a soy estrogen blob

Gut health πŸ₯› Your gut is your second brain, it’s health is crucial for your mental health and energy levels Processed foods, refined sugars, seed oils, alcohol, etc are all wreaking havoc on your gut microbiome Having a healthy mind is imperative to maintaining a ripped body

Keeping motivation 🎭 Your social media timelines must display constant information and inspiration Unfollow pointless celebrities, follow more health accounts and fitness influencers You can never feel like you have done enough, there is always someone bigger

Environment and Stress πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Stress is a major testosterone/energy killer If you are constantly in a stressful environment you are diminishing your potential gains Stop hanging out with toxic people, stop getting into toxic relationships Prioritize your health and ignore the bs

We all have untapped genetic potential we can reach naturally I do every single thing stated above, I went from 168 to 190 in 6 months (see belowπŸ‘‡πŸΌ) Don’t accept the plateau or become unnatural before living this lifestyle Snap out of the matrix and live as you were meant to

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