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#Xicheng Nyancheng and DragonHuan (age reverse) The first memory LXC has of JWY is the old demon cat lounging on a thick tree branch, all smooth curve and elegant posture in lilac silk,1with an air of detachment. Maybe it's LXC's young impressionable mind,but the halo behind the

Strange cat shone brighter when those sharp eyes bore straight into him. He leans his cheek against his hand and studies LXV with amused interest. LXC gulps, hiding his flushed face behind his big sleeves. - A young noodling, JWY cooed, mischief flashes in his smile - i didnt

Know dragonkin can be this small The taunting strike a nerve in the young LXC, who hasnt mastered his ego yet. Puffing out his chest, He stands straighter to the best of his height. He lowers his voice and does his best to imitate his uncle "Im the tallest in my generation!"

"Shufu said i could be as tall as this tree!!" The strange purple cat skickers, seemingly very entertained by the child's tantrum. Once, he rolls over,which scare the wit out of LXC, and lands on the ground with the elegancy and lightness of an experience cat.

Once again, the young LXC is completely starstruck. The old cat stands up, completely dwarfing the small young dragon in his own shadow. He turns around, facing the kid, a smug smile remains on his breathtaking face. - i can still see the top of your head, noodling

The man teases, his three tails reach out and flaps gently on LXC's nose. He sneezes, earning a laugh from JWY. It sounds like million bells all rung at the same time LXC blushes, holding his chest and hoping he wont die from losing a heart. He frowns again, more defiantly.-

- I will be taller than you!! Just you wait you... Suddenly the man's face is only cm away from him. LXC gasp, heart jumps to his throat as the man grins, sharp teeth and all. JWY flicks his noses. "Let's see about that. And It's Sl Jiang or Wanyin-ge to you, noodling.

Then he's gone, leaving an entranced but fuming baby behind. That night he stayed up late in his shufu's guest chamber in Lotus Pier, and did the handstand till he fell asleep in that position.LXC must get taller than Wanyin-ge. He must! --- - Hello, Wanyin JWY lazily opens

An eyes, peering down at the young smiling man. He scoffs, flicking his tails irritatedly. "It's Wanyin-ge, brat. Where is the Lan's manner" LXC chuckles, fond. He raises his hand up and touches the end of the demon cat's tail. Feathery touch, yet JWY's heckles raised, stomach

Churning weirdly. - Apologize, Wanyin-ge. But the meeting is starting soon. "Fine, fine", JWY swats his hand dismissively. He grumbles, "Even just a small nap is not allowed. Ugh. Im old. Im a cat. I need sleep." - i heard lack of sleep make you shorter. JWY wavers, almost

Forget he must land with two feet if not for LXC immediately rushes forward and steady him. Taking JWY a solid minute to realize the young dragonkin has his hand firmly on his waist, and he is staring at his collarbone. JWY looks up, and staring straight into LXC's honey eyes

- Wanyin should be careful, the young noodling- no, the giant dragonkin lowers his head, gentle smiles with a hint of something else making JWY shivers. This close, he can see how wide his shoulder is, covering JWY's entire body Realization hits JWY like tons of brick

- Where is the top of your head?, JWY blurts out, angrier than he intended to be. LXC blinks, his smile gets wider, more teasing. - so Wanyin cant see it anymore? - i didnt say that!! And it's Wanyin-ge, you no manner noodling. A vein pops out on the dragon's forehead.

Wordlessly, he circles both of his arms around JWY's cinched waists in a tight embrace and pick the older man off the ground. JWY squawks. Both embarrassed and furious. - I am not a little Noodling anymore, Wanyin-ge, LXC grunts at the name, tight smile and the tight grip

Has move under JWY's bum to support him. "Just like you is nothing more than a kitten to me now" JWY's mouth drops. His brain shuts down so fast at the audacity of the young dragon. So shock, that he lets a happy LXC carry him all the way to the meeting.

All those handstand sessions and strict diets finally paid up, a smug LXC thinks to himself. His tummy is full of butterflies as JWY stares at him with wonder. -end-

Inspired by this superior fanart *cry cry*

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