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🐻 In this tough bear market - what lessons can we glean from the past? 🧵 Here's 50 years of won lessons at Sequoia Capital - distilled into a thread:

1/ Evolution of technology Sequoia has been around over the years and seen the development of various technology platforms: Semiconductors > Systems > Networks > Internet > Apps > Mobile > Data + Crypto

2/ Lessons from building Crypto companies Many problems from building crypto companies are the same as the lessons learnt from past non-crypto companies Sequoia’s experience with various verticals can help bridge lessons from fintech and consumer apps over

3/ Why Crypto? • Better financial system - This is especially pertinent in developing nations, with immature financial systems; DeFi would have a bigger impact on these countries • Better internet - with a different identity layer, payment layer

4/ Bullishness on Crypto Long term bullish for crypto as the next technology platform shift; but short term realistic, as we are heading into the trough phase of a market cycle

5/ New focuses in this environment Today’s tough macro environment calls for different focuses from companies - Invest in R&D, reward profitability over growth, need to build muscle and solve problems with less funding

6/ Survival of the quickest - Adaptability is key Founders need to prepare their companies • Chart a path to sustainability • If companies are in the right long term trend, staying alive is a big advantage

7/ Ending with a quote “You cannot outrun 15 cars in sunny weather, but you can when it’s raining” These are tough times, but there are also opportunities for strong companies to survive and thrive in this market.

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