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NSFW // osaatsu , fluff & comfort , blowjob , (mentioned osasuna) Atsumu isn't actually a dumbass no matter how many times Osamu calls him that. He isn't oblivious to other people, he just has a very small list of those he cares about and decides the rest simply don't matter

The twins have always been aggressive with each other whether that's on the court, in public or in the bedroom. They're loud, they're expressive, it's the way they learned how to communicate. A shouting match to a general onlooker is a mere conversation between the two.

And so it bothers Atsumu when over the course of several weeks Osamu's shoulders start to sag and the bags under his eyes get darker, he stops snapping at Atsumu's antics and starts to sigh and shake him off instead. Atsumu is not a dumbass. Atsumu is not oblivious.

He was just hoping his brother would come out and say what was bothering him instead of folding in on himself. It was unlike him. It worried Atsumu. His patience was not infinite and he threw away his careful distance when he showed up at Osamu's shop well past closing

and found his twin wrapping his fingers in bandaids. One thing Atsumu knows better than anyone is how careful and precise Osamu is when it comes to cooking, how observant and attentive he is with every recipe. Miya Osamu doesn't fuck around with sharp and pointy objects,

so Atsumu doesn't understand why his brother has several fingers covered in sushi patterned bandages and why he looks so damn defeated. It pisses him off. "Okay, what the fuck is going on with ya?" He corners his brother and Osamu sighs--like he always does, lately.

"Nothin', Tsumu. Just working long hours, missing some sleep. It ain't a big deal." Osamu scrubs his hands over his face and then sighs again, marching over to his sink to thoroughly wash his hands and Atsumu follows right behind. "Working long hours?" Atsumu presses,

"How long, exactly? When the hell was the last time you had a decent night's sleep, 'Samu?" "Can ya get off my back? Who are you, Ma?" Osamu bites but it's got no effect on Atsumu. He's had a lifetime of dealing with his twin's bullshit, he isn't afraid of anything.

"Oh, fuck you. I'll get off your back when you give me a reason not to be on it!" Atsumu sneers while Osamu angrily turns off the tap and yanks paper towels from the dispenser. "Mind yer damn business, why don't ya?" When Osamu tries to step around him, Atsumu blocks.

He looks his brother in the eyes and means it with every fiber of his being when he says "You /are/ my damn business!" And maybe it's the way Atsumu says it or the way he looks but something changes, softens in his brother's eyes. "'Tsumu..."

"Ya gonna tell me what's wrong or do I gotta keep wrestling this shit outta you?" Atsumu loves his brother, Atsumu hurts for his brother. They're twins, even when they're not the one going through it, they still feel it. Osamu leans back against a wall and rests his head there,

lets his eyes fall closed and Atsumu can't help but think about how worn down he looks. Even with the shadow of the Onigiri Miya hat cast over him, the exhaustion seems to sit heavy in his body. "Runnin' a shop ain't always easy, ya know?" Osamu fills the silence between them,

"It's really not a big deal, 'Tsumu." He insists, opening his eyes to look at Atsumu. "I think I'm having a rough couple of months, I don't always have steady help whether it's front of the store or the back of it. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing it on my own."

And he laughs but Atsumu knows he doesn't think anything about what he's saying is funny. Osamu sniffs and wraps his arms around himself. "I'm just tired is all. I'm not the only restaurant owner to ever deal with this, hell I should be grateful Onigiri Miya is doin' so well."

And Atsumu thinks it's so much like his brother to shoulder a burden all on his own and not say anything about it. For as expressive as they both are, Atsumu has always been the most vocal. When he's happy or sad or angry, everyone and their mother knows about it.

But, Osamu is more subdued. He doesn't need the limelight like Atsumu does, he doesn't need all of that extra attention. He's fine to have his silent joys and aches.

Atsumu isn't fine with that, though. "It's okay to say it's hard." He says, taking the steps to close the distance between them both physical and non-physical. "It's okay if ya need more help. Hell, it's okay if you even call /me/ for help."

Osamu snorts, "Right, with your pro volleyball career? You're right, go throw on an apron right now." Atsumu smiles and it's genuine. "I would, 'Samu. Whenever I got time, just like now. I would. You just gotta ask."

And finally... /Finally/ Osamu gives Atsumu a real smile. Crooked and full of white teeth. "Yer a dumbass." he says "Yeah, whatever. C'mere." Atsumu rolls his eyes and pulls his brother in to kiss him slowly. He feels Osamu lean into him and he keeps them both upright.

Atsumu wraps one arm around his waist and the other tangles into the hair at the nape of his neck to keep him close. Damn, he's missed this. "We're goin' upstairs." He decides and tells Osamu who tries to pull back and away. "Nah, wait, 'Tsumu I still have shit to finish--"

"Nope. All this can wait until later. Right now, you need to be taken care of." Osamu hesitates and Atsumu uses that moment of distraction to step back and lace his fingers with his brother's and sharply tug him away. "'Tsumu!" "'Samu." Atsumu tugs insistently.

They bicker like this without heat behind their words as Atsumu all but drags Osamu out of Onigiri Miya and upstairs to Osamu's apartment. He doesn't let go until they've made their way to Osamu's bedroom. He pushes Osamu onto his back on his bed and crawls over him.

"Lay back, let your boyfriend take care of ya." He teases, allowing his hands to explore his brother's chest and pinch a nipple. Osamu shivers, laughing when Atsumu sucks an earlobe into his mouth, "Funny, I don't see Rin anywhere."

Atsumu lets go with a loud 'pop' and smirks like the devil himself. "Fine, then why don't you let your older brother take care of ya?" And they kiss again, this time it's hungry and full of tongue and Atsumu accidentally bumps their teeth together.

"Y-You were born 8 seconds before me!" Osamu says between his lips, groaning and forgetting the time and place when Atsumu grinds against his dick. "I know," Atsumu responds while kissing down Osamu's stomach. "And I can't believe I had to live those 8 seconds without ya."

Osamu's clothes are shed and Atsumu licks and kisses and sucks, makes him wither, makes his cock harden and ache in his boxers. He stares Osamu in the eyes when he licks over Osamu's cock, still covered up by his boxers. His mouth is hot and lewd and makes his legs shake.

His nipples are sore and his neck and stomach are covered in love bites and Atsumu looks so damn good between his legs, he doesn't remember anytime that's existed before this moment. "Fuck, 'Tsumu!" "Shhh.. I said let me take care of ya." Atsumu says against his dick.

He places a kiss against Osamu's thigh and then he's pushing himself back up so he can pull Osamu's boxers completely off. Once they're discarded Atsumu reaches Osamu's bedside drawer and brings out his lube and leaves that on the bed for later.

When he's situated back between Osamu's thick thighs, he places open mouthed kisses up his hairy legs, pecks his ballsack and in one swift motion he takes Osamu's fat cock all the way to the back of his throat.

Osamu thinks he ascends to the heavens when Atsumu moans around his length and girth. He hollows out his cheeks on the way back up and Osamu can't stop the pleased groan he releases. "So good, 'Tsumu.. Ah, fuck!"

Atsumu bobs his head, mouth making loud and wet noises as he sucks his brother's soul from the tip of his dick. They've been fucking each other long enough to know what makes them weak at the knees, he knows exactly how to get Osamu going.

He loves the taste of his brother, though he'd never admit it. He loves the weight of Osamu's cock in his mouth, the salt and the sweat and the way Osamu will fuck his mouth when he's chasing after his pleasure. He loves swallowing his load.

Atsumu loves knowing what his brother looks like in every way he exists. They know each other like no one else does or ever will. And he's the only one that can bring his brother comfort and love at a time like this, so he gives it his all.

He skillfully flicks open the bottle of lube and covers his fingers in it before circling his brother's asshole. Osamu raises his ass to chase after the feeling, chest heaving and blotchy red and it makes Atsumu want to smile around his cock. He inserts the first finger,

and thrusts in tandem with the bobbing of his head. Osamu fists his hands into Atsumu's hair but holds back on guiding him, his brother did say he was going to be taken care of, after all.

So he keeps a light grip, focusing on the heat of his brother's mouth, on the fingers Atsumu's stretching inside of him and he focuses on the insane amount of pleasure rolling through him. Osamu yells when Atsumu fits a third finger and aims all of his thrusts

right at his prostate. His feet flatten on the mattress and Osamu can't help but shift his hips, he follows after Atsumu's mouth, chases after the fingers that are giving him so much pleasure that he feels it in his entire body.

Atsumu starts moaning around his cock, the sound vibrating around Osamu's cock and he rocks into it, his mind thinking about nothing but release. "'Tsumu, 'Tsumu, 'Tsumu!" He moans Atsumu's name over and over again as a warning. /It feels so fucking good and I'm close./

Atsumu's efforts are doubled and he sucks and fucks Osamu harder and faster, puts his loud ass mouth to good use. When Osamu finally cums, Atsumu swallows him down with practiced ease.

He stays on Osamu's cock until he's pushed off due to the pain of overstimulation and then he crawls back up his brother's body and hovers above him. "Feel good now, 'Samu?" He asks with a cocksure grin that Osamu wishes he had the strength to slap off.

"Feel like I could sleep a hundred years." He responds, still panting and coming down from his post orgasmic haze. Atsumu laughs, "Oh, I ain't done with you yet, little brother." Osamu groans, "Can ya give me like 20 minutes?!"

Atsumu lays his body on top of him, resting all of his weight and sticking to Osamu's sweaty skin. He nuzzles into Osamu's neck. "Alright, 20. And I'm countin' down starting from 2 minutes ago." "Ya little shit!"

// END Uhhhhhh, was this fluff and comfort or was this just horny??? Can we call it a mix of both? Make that my brand. Anyway, I wrote this on the fly so any mistakes are mine and I'm sorry but I hope everyone enjoyed! Catch ya next time!

WAIT ALSO lowkey inspired by this tweet too lmaoo

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