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nsfw #miyacestober2022 #atsuosa day 4 - confined spaces "I can't fuckin' believe this." Atsumu quickly cupped a hand over Osamu's mouth and got a hard glare returned back at him. They both remained silent as they heard the numerous footsteps just outside of the closet.

One fan turned into three, then ten... and the next thing a simple errand with his twin wound up in the two running away from very excited Atsumu stans. They were lucky that this janitor closet was unlocked, unlucky that there was barely any fuckin' space in here.

Atsumu hadn't realized that his knee was lodged between Osamu's thighs 'til the other man attempted to move. Atsumu tuned out the noise outside the second he heard a soft, muffled groan from behind his hand. He raised an mischievous eyebrow and purposely pushed against

Osamu's crotch. Those eyebrows furrowed so hard at him, but Osamu's lower half betrayed him as he grinded back on Atsumu. "Such a perv, 'Samu, can't even hold ya self back when we're at risk of gettin' discovered."

Osamu responded by wrapping his hand around the back of Atsumu's neck, pulling him in even closer as he fucked himself right on his twin's thigh. What a desperate slut, didn't have the patience to wait 'til they were back at the apartment.

The sounds outside had quieted down minutes ago, but Atsumu was too taken by his brother using him to get off. His own cock was rock hard in his jeans, begging for a trace of fiction. "Ya gonna cum for me, baby?"

Atsumu only dropped his hand for their lips to meet in a messy, sloppy kiss as Osamu brought himself over the edge. His quiet moan had Atsumu's cock twitching, fuck he wanted to hear more. And he would, as soon as they fucked off from this closet and dashed home. //end

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