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This is how you get started with Technical Analysis to maximize profits and stop investing blindly. The tool I have used for the the past 5 years to earn millions and become financially free in #crypto and #stocks A non sponsored @Tradingview basics guide let's jump in 👇🏽

Tradingview is a charting tool. You can load almost any chart in crypto with indicators of your choice and start doing Technical Analysis. They have a free plan but I recommend everyone getting the Pro plan or higher.

If you can’t afford $15 a month then you can start a 30 day trial and cancel before it runs out then create another account. They often have Black Friday sales also. I won't be shilling you any referral links though.

Alright after registering it’s going to look something like this.. In the next screenshot I will show you my settings, you can copy them to make this look more clean.

Right click on anywhere on the chart and select settings. Copy mine.

I like to use black and light gray candles. There are studies showing different colors cause different emotional reactions - which we want the least of. Now that you have my settings let me jump into explaining how to use this thing.

On the right side you will see your watchlist. You can configure this to store your most used stocks and cryptos. This is what my main list looks like. I have $BTC & $ETH, Alts vs BTC. $DXY + few stocks/forex to track macro.

We will now add additional lists. There is a website called where you can download coin lists from crypto exchanges instead of adding coins 1 by 1. I would recommend downloading the Binance USDT markets and importing them as a custom list into TradingView

Let’s go ahead and add some indicators. I will show you what you can start with. Click on this little arrow under the chart name. 1) delete all current indicators 2) click on Indicators to search new ones

These are the indicators you can start with. Search: • Smoothed moving average • Moving Average Now go on the arrow from the last screenshot and hover over each indicator you added. Click on the settings symbol and change the length of each MA to match mine.

• Moving average 200 • Moving average 99 • Smoothed moving average 25 • Smoothed moving average 7 It’s to each and every single person to find the MAs that work for them.

The main point of indicators is to help you identify key levels and help you see what is happening on the chart. Adding too many indicators will result in noise and might even slow your analysis.

Alright now when you have the lists and moving averages all setup let’s setup one more indicator. Search for and add 'Money Flow Index'. Change length to 18, copy the rest of my settings.

I like using the money flow index vs RSI because its volume weighted. I will create another tutorial on how to use this for now just to experiment with it.

Before we jump into tools let’s go over timeframes. Each chart can be viewed in different timeframes where one candle is representing the timeframe. For example a 1D (D for day) chart means one candle represents 1 day.

Click on this arrow. These are the timeframes I like to use. 4H, 12H, 1D, 2D, 3D, 1W, 1M. Go ahead and click the star on each one of these.

Alright now we have the timeframes all setup. I’m going to show you another trick that will come useful. Sometimes you want a quick way to turn off all indicators and view your chart naked. Let me help you set that up.

Next to the indicator text click on the 4 picture icon. Then click on “save indicator template”, call it something and click save. Go ahead, click on the 4 picture icon again, find the template you added and start it.

Now right click anywhere on the chart and select “remove indicators”. Go ahead click on the 4 picture icon again, save new template and save current template as “clean”. Go ahead and star it.

Your topbar should look something like this. Now you have all the time frames and you have a quick way of turning your indicators on and viewing the chart naked.

Tools! The main tool you will be using as a beginner is the rectangle tool to draw areas of interest (support/resistance). Star all the tools I have. Experiment with these! Pretty self explanatory I think, let me know if you want me to go more in depth here.

After having drafted something on the chart remember to click this cloud icon to have it saved. You can also export charts by clicking the photo icon, save them then share them.

Let’s go over alerts. Alerts come in handy especially when you get the TradingView app on your phone. You can add alerts on levels and horizontal lines and have them trigger when price approaches or crosses them. It also works on MAs (but sometimes it’s buggy.)

We can create alerts on resistance and support levels which comes in very handy as nobody wants to sit in front of their pc and watch charts 24/7. When creating alerts switch timeframes to a lower one 1H for example as they trigger on crossings. My settings 👇🏽

That’s it! You can now start to experiment with Technical Analysis. 1) Follow @macnbtc 2) Join my Telegram: I will be posting a tutorial on how to quickly scan through coins and identify winners later this week! Don't miss it 🔔

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