Syd 💜 IA while on vacation!

Syd 💜 IA while on vacation!



#sakuatsu 1K followers thread! omegaverse B!Astsu x A!Omi, Sug@r daddy/ sug@r baby, claiming/marking, “I get to have this? Really?, possessive Omi. A smidge of breeding kink. Sug@r babies were generally omegas. They were sweet, meek, and alpha’s /loved/ to care for them.

This wasn’t the reason that Atsumu himself never thought the term would apply to him, but it /was/ a fact. Every college student dreamed about either fucking a professor or finding some scrub to financially put you through college in exchange for feet pics.

Atsumu, had managed to hit the jackpot. It had been in a coffee shop of all places, corny right? A tall, sexy, important, older alpha talking a mile a minute into his blackberry just happened to clip the corner of the cafe coffee table knocking Atsumu’s very full mug over onto

his barely breathing laptop. Worse still, the hot liquid didn’t stop at ruining the only important piece of machinery he owned, it spilled into his lap too, making it look like he pissed himself, shit himself, or both. It was also hot, a fact that Atsumu had not missed as

he hissed and slapped at the fabric, trying to save his dick from /any/ risk of a burn. “Fuck,” the alpha had cursed, “fuck, sorry. No, not you, you fucking idiot,” he’d snapped into the phone. “Jesus,” he sounded exasperated, grumpy, but also a little scatterbrained.

He was /staring/ at Atsumu. Really staring at him. Had Atsumu forgotten to comb his hair? Something in his teeth? A pimple? “Yeah, I’m listening,” the alpha snapped, growling into the phone as he pulled out a checkbook. Using the nearby wall and a conjured pen,

he scribbled an unknown amount onto the check, tore it off, and set it on a dry part of the table. Holding the phone away from his ear the alpha said, “that should be enough to cover a new one. Apologies.” He put the phone back to his ear and moved to step away, and hesitated.

With a quick movement, the businessman set a shiny card on top of the check and left the parting words, “if you should run into further issues, feel free to reach out,” and then he was gone.

The check: an ungodly amount that could’ve bought Atsumu 3 brand new laptops with room for accessories. The card: Sakusa Kiyoomi, head of law firm, alpha. ~~ It was supposed to be nothing. A surprise intake of cash and a follow up thank you.

Yes, Astumu had texted the number on a card after much deliberation because his Ma would be horrified if she knew that he’d accepted a gift–or was it proper repayment?-- without a thank you. The thank you had somehow led to dinner.

Dinner, with a sexy, rich alpha at a swanky restaurant that Atsumu had no business being in. Dinner, in which Atsumu enjoyed himself much more than he ever thought he could with someone more established. Dinner, which had somehow left Atsumu wanting more. Whatever he could get.

Turns out he could get a lot, because that wasn’t the only time he got to see Sakusa Kiyoomi. No, turned out that the reason Sakusa had stared at him that day at the coffee shop, was because he found Atsumu “pretty”. Pretty. A word used for women or soft omegas,

not well built betas like himself, and yet Sakusa had delivered the word with startling certainty. Sakusa Kiyoomi thought /he/ was pretty, as if Atsumu didn’t flinch everytime Sakusa looked his way, because he easily had the most handsome face he’d ever seen.

If Sakusa had asked to take him on a date, a proper one that didn’t charade itself as a thank you, then Atsumu would’ve said yes. If Sakusa had asked Atsumu to be his boyfriend after their first night out together, Atsumu would’ve said yes.

If Sakusa had asked to go to the back alley and fuck it out real quick, Atsumu would’ve said yes, a thousand times yes! But Sakusa had asked for none of those things. Instead, he offered up a proposition.

“I’ve been looking for companionship for a long time, someone I can spoil and spend my weekends with, and I’d like for it to be you if you’re comfortable with that.” It was so blunt, matter of fact and– “Spoil? Like ya want ta spend money on me and stuff?”

Immediately after the words fell out of his mouth, Atsumu felt dumb. There were lots of things ‘spoiling’ could entail, and now he looked like a money-hungry bimbo. He even had the dyed hair to match. “That’s right,” Sakusa assented,

and all Atsumu’s worry melted out of his brain, swept away by the prospect of having Sakusa in his life and getting some extra on the side. And thus his new life began. Well, no that was a tad dramatic. Not much changed. He used his phone more, yes, because

even though Sakusa Kiyoomi was a busy man, he always seemed to make time for Atsumu. His weekends were busier too. Saturday’s or Sunday’s spent together doing fun activities or hanging out together in Sakusa’s swanky penthouse apartment. Then, there were the gifts.

Within the first week, Atsumu’s student loans were taken care of. Within the first month, his closet overflowed with expensive brands and high quality footwear. Diamond bracelets, gold necklaces, collars made of expensive leathers. Yeah, collars, because Sakusa liked

him to wear them around the house. He’d never asked Atsumu to wear one to class, to show that he was taken even if he didn’t wear a bite on his neck….but sometimes, Atsumu wished he would Just like he wished that he and Sakusa were more than just more than step-up fuck buddies.

Turns out that talking and spending time together, also included sex. Atsumu couldn’t remember which one of them had initiated it. He liked to think it was them both. That after three weeks of built up sexual tension, they just couldn’t take it anymore. All of this, and it still

wasn’t enough What was a title? A label? Well, as Atsumu was finding out, everything. It was everything. Neither of them slept with other people, Sakusa had promised his loyalty and Atsumu surely didn’t want anyone else. Atsumu had everything, except the one thing he wanted.

He wanted to come home to Sakusa every night, not just the one special day of the weekend. He wanted to wear his pretty gifts and tell everyone just who had gotten them and why He wanted to drag Sakusa to his Ma’s house and let her fawn over him the way she did with Samu’s mate

Twt limit!

He wanted to spend future ruts together, vacation to far away places, be the first person Sakusa could lean on when the stress got to be too much. He wanted a mark on his neck, if only for the symbolism since a true bond would never be possible for them.

He wanted to talk about the possibility of starting a family someday. Not because he could carry a child inside him, but because he’d wanted to be a foster parent for as long as he knew such a thing existed. So yeah, he technically had everything.

He technically got to spend nights with Sakusa, even if it wasn’t as many as he’d like. He technically wore all the lovely gifts the alpha bought for him, he just felt like he couldn’t share just how special they were to him.

His Ma techianlly knew about Sakusa, they just hadn’t met yet. Atsumu didn’t know if that was something his companion would want, and he would never want to jeopardize what they had. And that right there was the real problem. It was like walking across the longest tightrope

Sure, Atsumu had great balance, but the addition of wind would surely send him to the ground. So he asked for nothing more than Sakusa offered, even if it was all he ever dreamed about. He should’ve known that a man who was so in tune with the things he liked,

always seeming to know just what gift would make the Atsumu happiest at any given moment, would notice his growing dejection. Atsumu was able to hide it better than most. There were no pheromones to give his emotions away.

Something that he was becoming less and less grateful for by the day. For as much as he /didn’t/ want Sakusa to suspect anything was wrong, to force the truth from his lips, he also wanted that very thing. He wanted the excuse to be honest, but at what cost?

“Atsumu,” Sakusa called to him, “come.” Oh, he’d zoned out again. It was an easy thing to do when the view from the penthouse window was so beautiful. Glittering city lights greeted by the twinkle of late night stars. It was his favorite part about this place,

inhabitant aside of course. Yes, the owner was certainly a prettier sight. Sakusa, leaned comfortably on his dark couch, curls situated precariously on top of his head, gray robe tied so loose that it nearly fell from his shoulders.

So much bare chest, perfect for Atsumu’s worshipful mouth whenever he might like it. Sakusa held his hand out expectantly, beckoning to Atsumu who was at his side within seconds. Atsumu allowed himself to be pulled into Sakusa’s waiting lap,

straddling strong thighs as he kissed his–no, not his–alpha gently on the lips. “ ‘m sorry. Am I not given’ ya the attention ya deserve alpha?” Atsumu teased, moving his lips lower so that he could taste Sakusa’s perfect neck. A little lower, and Atsumu could run his tongue

over Sakusa’s plump gland. He knew, from experience, that the taste would be exquisite. Atsumu’s own personal aphrodisiac, but he didn’t make it that far. Instead, one of Sakusa’s long fingers curved under Atsumu’s chin, tilting his head up until they were eye to eye again.

That finger moved up Atsumu’s jaw, curving across his cheek, until Sakusa was cupping Atsumu’s cheek tenderly. “You’ve been keeping something from me sweetheart, I’d like to know what it is. Please?” Sakusa had noticed. He’d noticed and cared!

It was what Atsumu had been waiting for, and dreading all at once. The mix of emotions stole his breath, locked up the words he’d been waiting to and hoping not to share with his lover. Sakusa had even said, ‘please’

a word that he used so sparsely that sometimes Atsumu forgot it was in his vocabulary. Why couldn’t he speak!? “How about I go first?” Sakusa offered, “I’m afraid I too have been keeping something from you.” Well, that didn’t exactly help with the anxiety did it?

Add to that the fact that Sakusa waited patiently for an answer, and he found himself on the verge of shaking. He wasn’t the only one. Sakusa had found a suitable omega. He wanted to spend less time together. Atsumu swallowed, “okay,” This wasn’t the end. They were happy.

/Atsumu/ was happy. Sakusa had to be too. “When we started this,” Sakusa gestured between them, “I’m afraid that you misunderstood me,” a pause, “and I couldn’t find it in me to correct you.” Oh. Oh /no/. Had this–was this, pity? No, no, no

“When I told you I’d been searching for companionship….I meant it in a permanent sense. I was looking for a lover, not a sug@r baby.” Atsumu could feel his brows bunching. That conversation had been more than a /year/ ago.

"I was afraid that you’d turn me down if I corrected you, so I didn’t. I was willing to have you in any capacity.” Slowly that aching churn in his stomach was loosening, butterflies set loose to take its place. There was no way.

“But I’m afraid it’s not enough for me anymore. I cannot stand the idea of you not being mine. At the thought of another sweeping in to take you from me. Knowing that you wear the things / I / buy you, seeing my love bites on your body, is just not enough.”

Sakusa’s other hand reached up to cup Atsumu’s free cheek, “If you do not want me as your mate, I understand. Things can stay as they are and I will not resent you for it. As an alpha, I can put my feelings for you aside, and know that they will not affect our relationship no -

matter your answer. Still, I needed you to know how I feel. How I will /always/ feel.” The words in Atsumu’s heart were still lost, now behind the tidal wave of love he felt for this man, but still lost. So instead he kissed him, with every single ounce of feeling in his body.

When they separated, breaths still dancing in the limited space between them, Atsumu found that he was capable of speech, “I get to have this? Really?” His voice cracked, hoarse with emotion but it conveyed everything he needed to say. Sakusa was smiling,

in the way that only Atsumu got to see, the same emotions reflected in his eyes. “Sweetheart, I would give you the very world if you asked for it. You can have anything you wish.” “Even you?” “Especially me.”

*smut incoming! I'm at work rn so give me a little time and I'll be back!*

(Since I forgot at the top 🤦‍♀️ here is the #nsfw tag) It should’ve been frenzied, the way they touched each other. It should’ve been all freed desperation and the rough pull and push of their bodies, but it wasn’t. Yes, there was Sakusa’s mouth at his neck,

higher up than he’d ever allowed himself to go, leaving dark marks that no man or woman could miss. And yes, there was a hurried undercurrent to their need, but it was one they did not get lost in. Instead, Atsumu kissed his boyfriend, lover, /mate/, long, slow, and deep,

conveying every ounce of love he had in his body. Those words, that sat at the tip of his tongue, waited for their moment, because Atsumu could wait. He wanted the first time he said those special words, to be when Sakusa was inside him, lost in Atsumu’s body.

“Atsumu, sweetheart, mate,” Sakusa whispered against his skin. No, it was /Kiyoomi/. No longer were they separated by uncertainties and unknowns. Kiyoomi, Kiyoomi, Kiyoomi, Atsumu chanted, lost in the simple sensation of being held.

He was still empty, tight inside from where Kiyoomi still hadn’t touched, but there was time. So much time. “Sweetheart, I need you,” Kiyoomi said, standing with Atsumu in his arms to move them to the bedroom. Not a request, a demand. One that Atsumu was happy to meet.

“Yes, please, give me everything,” Atsumu answered, because that was the truth. He’d been patient, he felt that love grow inside him for months now, and it was time for his reward. As Kiyoomi kissed down his body, occasionally stopping to leave a new, dark mark against

Atsumu’s tanned skinned, he littered the air with promises. “I’ve been holding back sweetheart,” he murmured, “so, so much.” “I’m going to buy you a cabin, because I know how much you like the trees.”

“I’ll buy up land your dorm sits on so that you have no choice but to move in with me.” “I’ll get you the most expensive collar on the market engraved with my name, and make you wear it everywhere so that everyone knows just who you belong to.

“I’m going to drown you in my scent, cover you in my marks, and keep you all to myself. They say alphas are possessive creatures, and baby you make that true for me.” Such sweet words, and Atsumu knew he meant every single one. Sakusa Kiyoomi had proved to be a man of his word

early on in their relationship, and while he appreciated the gestures, buying the land his dorm sat on /was/ a tad extreme. If Kiyoomi wanted Atsumu to live here, with him, then Atsumu would gladly do it.

He was readying to tell him just that, when his words were lost to a moan as Kiyoomi circled his rim with a slicked finger and wiggled the tip inside. That first press was always Atsumu’s favorite moment.

The space in time between being empty, and being filled crashing into each other to bring Atsumu pleasure. “Ooomi,” he groaned, squirming against the sheets as Kiyoomi worked him.

“You have no idea how much I love doing this. I, am the one who gets to prepare you. I, am the one that builds your pleasure and takes you apart. I, am the one who decides when you’re ready for my cock. Do you think an omega could do that? Huh Atsumu?”

Atsumu gasped as Kiyoomi’s finger sunk in to the hilt, “n-no,” he managed, knowing his alpha had asked him a question. “No,” Kiyoomi echoed, leaning down to kiss the tip of Atsumu’s weeping erection. It was so tender that Atsumu wasn’t even upset when it didn’t go further.

Actually, it was incredibly sexy, the way his pre cum shone on Kiyoomi’s parted lips, letting it stay there until the alpha couldn't resist and claimed it with his tongue. Atsumu whimpered, his cock kicking as more pre cum leaked.

“You are perfect just as you are,” Kiyoomi continued, “of course, I would want you no matter your status, but I think if I had to choose, beta would be my favorite.” One finger turned to two, two to three until Atsumu was desperate for more. Yes, they had time, but Atsumu

was a greedy, greedy man, why wait, when he could have everything now? Atsumu tried to tilt Kiyoomi’s face up, to interrupt his alpha’s worship of his body, but the man wasn’t having it, “Omi, alpha, need ya,” he tried, moaning as Kiyoomi’s tugged at a nipple with his teeth.

“Please, don’t want ta stop until ya knot me.” Well that, that got Kiyoomi’s attention as those dark eyes finally locked onto Atsumu’s. “You want my knot?” Kiyoomi asked, as much as a tease as it was a wonder. Normally they kept knotting as a rut activity,

a treat that Atsumu so rarely got. He’d always been afraid to ask for it outside of the hormone fueled rut period, but he wasn’t scared anymore, not when Kiyoomi had promised him the world. “Please Kiyoomi,” Atsumu begged, reaching between their bodies to cup Kiyoomi’s heavy

cock and encourage him closer. And then, suddenly, Atsumu wasn’t the only one who was desperate. Kiyoomi hiked Atsumu's knees up, lining up his large cock with easy precision. “Say it again,” he demanded, as he started to ease inside.

“Kiyoomi, ah, Kiyoomi! So good,” Atsumu moaned, feeling fulfilled with every inch his alpha gave him. “So fucking perfect,” Kiyoomi cursed, “there is nothing, no one beter than you.” There was no pause for adjustment after Kiyoomi’s length was fully buried inside Atsumu.

The alpha knew he’d done a good, proper job of preparing his beta, and sure enough when his hips picked up, he left nothing but starry pleasure in his wake. Maybe it was just Atsumu’s imagination, but the grip on his hips felt a little tighter,

the cock inside him slamming a little deeper, the rumbling in Kiyoomi’s chest giving way to actual growls. It was as if he was being claimed, without the actual bite. The bite, that he wanted so very badly. “O-Omi,” Kiyoomi was quick to correct him,

“My name Atsumu, I want to hear nothing but my name,” “K-Kiyoomi,” Atsumu stuttered, unable to keep enough air in his lungs as he was taken, “I want yer bite,” Kiyoomi’s talented hips didn’t let up in the slightest as he cradled Atsumu’s face in his palms,

Twt limit....again 😅🤣

“It’s permanent,” he reminded the beta. Sure, there would be no bond, but Atsumu would carry his mark forever, no matter how they ended. “I want permanent,” he reassured, knowing how right the answer was when the last of the green was engulfed by Kiyoomi’s pupils.

“You’re mine Atsumu, mine. I will put my mark on you, fill you up until you have no choice but to carry my pup. I will love you as I always have, and you will never doubt me,” Kiyoomi promised as he lined up his fangs with the side of Atsumu’s neck.

The sting of skim breaking was next to nothing to Atsumu, not when he was finally claimed. He wished that Kiyoomi would bit deeper, harder, make the mark unmistakable for anything else but complete and utterly belonging.

The feeling was so euphoric that Atsumu nearly missed the confession intermingled within. /I will love you as I always have/ Kiyoomi loved him, loved him enough to want to keep him forever. The pain was /nothing/ compared to that, nothing compared to the way that Kiyoomi

growled with satisfaction as he tasted Astumu’s blood on his tongue, nothing the way Kiyoomi’s fat knot caught against his rim before locking them together, and definitely nothing compared to the way that Atsumu came with a cry, Kiyoomi’s name on his tongue.

His body shook with the aftershocks, pulse pounding in his wonderful wound as he slowly wound down. Finally, a mate, a home, Kiyoomi. And when Kiyoomi was calm, after he’d licked Atsumu’s pretty bite mark clean and hummed against his temple,

Atsumu set the words he’d been holding so close, free. “I love you Sakusa Kiyoomi,” and when Kiyoomi pulled back so that he could look Atsumu in the eye, he said it again. “I love you Sakusa Kiyoomi, now and forever.” a slight pause as he smiled,

"Oh, and I want to move in with you.” Atsumu was allowed to ask for the world, because this man would always be willing to give it to him.

Finished!! I hope y'all enjoyed this. Thanks again for 1000 wonderful followers 🥰 if you liked the thread please consider leaving me a comment, I really do love them sm 💜💜

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