Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



cw / fox hybrids / fantasy Feral Baby foxes Miya twins who grew up alone in the woods with no company but each other. They do not know what incest is, or how normal siblings are supposed to behave. They just know that they have each other and that’s it.

Fox hybrids twins being rescued by kitsune Aran, and being brought to a small sanctuary up in the mountains where they are bathed, clothed, and taught how to behave by Aran and Kita, who teach them that they are kitsunes too.

The twins growing up to be fine young men. They’re both taller than Aran and Kita now, and definitely still little rascals, but they do their chores and behave well enough to at least not go around the woods scaring people away.

Still— Kita can still see a glimpse of their feral selves behind their eyes. He can see it in the way osamu flinches when it’s time to get new robes for them, or on the way Atsumu only lets himself be groomed by Osamu and Osamu only.

How he hisses when someone even touches his tail, or how he shows his fangs when someone other than his twin comes a little too close. Aran has seen it too. He has heard Osamu sneaking away from his bedroom to step into Atsumu’s one and the sounds that follow after.

They have seen the fainting mating marks— never real, never deep enough to last. They have seen Atsumu wipe his tears after Osamu leaves his room, and the tense atmosphere that surrounds their small home the days to follow.

I don’t know exactly where I’m going with this but I think the concept of feral fox hybrids Miya twins trying to adapt to being kitsunes and to a more “proper” life style but not quite getting it is such a nice flavor

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