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#miyacestober2022 Day 10 & 11 - Non-Canon Occupation & Brazen The media was convinced it was some kind of publicity stunt. The Miya twins' latest film, Forbidden, had been a huge success despite the taboo topic. It only made sense the lead actors would tease the press.>>

It was the only explanation for how brazen the two had been since the trailer had released. It had to be a publicity stunt, because otherwise it meant the twin actors who had taken the world by storm really were in /that/ kind of relationship. And that just couldn't be true.>>

Atsumu hummed as he continued to dress for his date tonight. He could hear Osamu in the living room, impatiently flicking through channels on the TV. "Ya know our reservation is in 10 minutes, right?" he called back, but Atsumu only laughed. >>

He was just finishing up his hair when he heard a familiar swell of music on the tv. "Wait!" He dashed out, slapping the remote out of Osamu's hand before he could change the channel again. "Are ya kidding me?" Osamu rolled his eyes.>>

He still let Atsumu clamber into his lap without much comment though. Atsumu at least was riveted as the trailer for their film played on the flat screen in their living room. There was no way he could ever get tired of this, of knowing that the whole world would see them.>>

On the screen Osamu cupped his cheek, murmuring, "I love you, I don't care about anything else." On screen Atsumu was sobbing, clutching at his twin's hands. There was a lot of shots of them huddled together with dramatic music and shots of the scenery interspersed. >>

The final shot was Osamu taking his hand, slipping a ring on his finger. His voice was crystal clear as he promised Atsumu's character forever. Their names splashed across the screen, then the title of the film, Forbidden. Atsumu sighed and squirmed happily in Osamu's lap.>>

"You've seen that trailer a million times by now. Are ya ever going to get over it?" Osamu asked, but his voice was soft as he kissed Atsumu's neck fondly. "No! It's our love story!" Atsumu defended, turning his burning attention on Osamu. >>

Osamu knew there was no point in refuting that. It had been written with them in mind, the young hollywood stars that the world couldn't stop talking about. No one knew, really, that it was true. The writer honestly just had a twin fetish, Osamu was sure.>>

The original script had frankly been half porno and mostly garbage, but between Atsumu's bullying of the writer's room and the electric chemistry between them, they had somehow managed an Oscar nominee. >>

It had been Atsumu's idea to capitalize off the fame. He knew what the press would think if they were spotted out to dinner or holding hands, or once brazenly kissing in the parking lot of their apartment. It was all a publicity stunt. It was all to sell tickets.>>

It was all to secure that Oscar win. No one had to know that at night they returned to the same bed. When asked in interviews about the sex scene in the film, Osamu always rolled his eyes while Atsumu played up the flirtation. It was hiding in plain sight. It was perfect.>>

No one had to know that every night after filming Osamu would take him home and wreck him, murmuring how much he owned him, how good he looked, how Atsumu could be on the screen all he wanted but he was Osamu's down to his bones and now everyone would know, see it on the screen>>

Here on the couch in their living room, some infomercial playing in the background, Osamu kissed him. He pried Atsumu's mouth open with his tongue and bit his claim into Atsumu's lips. >>

When he pulled back, Atsumu looked more than dazed. He looked delicious and fuckable and Osamu smiled meanly. "Come on, we can't miss the reservation." He dumped Atsumu from his lap and only laughed when his brother whined for him to come back. >>

"Be a good boy and I'll give ya what ya want later." Osamu promised and even helped him up from the floor. He was so nice, Atsumu didn't even know. Atsumu pouted, but let Osamu kiss him again anyway. "I wanna watch our movie again," Atsumu pressed. >>

Osamu sighed and guided him out the door with a hand on his lower back. "Fine, but you're sucking me off after." Atsumu beamed at him before smiling at the press waiting just a few feet away from their door. He waved and let Osamu maneuver him to the car easily enough.>>

A few looked scandalized, as if they had heard Osamu's promise, but he just didn't care. Let them come after him, he had more money now than any of them could comprehend. When he opened the door for Atsumu he kissed his cheek and grinned when the camera lights flashed.//

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