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7 essential Excel data visualization tips: 📊

1. Image Bar Chart Say goodbye to boring bar charts by replacing the bars with images. To do this, select the image you want to insert and cut it (CTRL X). Then, select the bar you want to replace and paste the image (CTRL V). Plus, the image sizes automatically update!

2. Geographical Heat Map Heat up your spreadsheets using heat maps to visualize geographical data. Heat maps using color shading to display how values differ in proportion based on the region. To insert a geographical heat map, select the data > Insert > Maps > Filled Map.

3. Sparklines Give your spreadsheets a little spark with Sparklines. A sparkline is a mini in-cell line chart that visually represents data trends. Go to the Insert tab > Line > insert the range of the cells you want to visualize and hit okay. Lastly, fill the down the column.

4. REPT Chart REPT is typically used to repeat text but can also create an in-cell bar chart that visualizes the size of a number. To create a REPT chart, enter “|” as the text argument, the number as the number_times argument, fill down cells, and change the font to Stencil.

5. Data Bars Similar to REPT charts, data bars are mini in-cell bar charts that represent the number size. The larger the number, the larger the bar. To add data bars, select the data you want to visualize > Home tab > Conditional Formatting > Data Bars > select any style.

6. Color Scales Color scales highlight cells in a range to indicate how large or small the value is compared to other values. To add color scales, select the cells you want to visualize > Home tab > Conditional Formatting > Color Scales > Select any style.

7. Icon Sets Icons sets are a fun visual tool representing the size of a value within a range using icons. To insert icons, select the range you want to add them to > go to the Home tab > Conditional Formatting > Icons Sets > select any Icon Set.

Spice up your spreadsheet with any of these data visualization tricks. 😏 Follow me @exceldictionary for even more Excel tips and tricks. And if you never want to forget my excel tips at your desk, check out my shortcut merch and ebooks.

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