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Do you have chronic lower back pain? If so, delaying solving it will only make it worse over time. Here's 6 Stretches that'll fix your back pain for life (less than 15 minutes a day):

I suffered from chronic back pain my entire sports career. It followed me into my professional life as I was usually sitting in a chair all day or driving my car for hours. It wasn't until I realize this simple idea that I was able to fix my lower back pain for good 👇

90% of Lower Back Pain comes from tight glutes/hamstrings/hips. Everything in your body is connected. So when your glutes and hammies are tight, so will your lower back. That's why I focus on these 6 stretches every day:

1) Figure 4 Stretch This stretch focuses on your butt and your hips. You can do this stretch sitting down or standing. Make this your go to.

2) Squat/Happy Baby The squat stretches your gluts, hamstrings, hips, and groin. Which is why it's my favorite. If you cant drop low, you can do the happy baby stretch on your back.

3) Cat/Cow This is a great stretch for getting movement to your lower back. Breathe in during the cow Breathe out during the cat.

4) Supine Twist This stretch is a fan favorite due to its twisting motion. It hits your glutes, side body, and upper back. (Be careful not to over-twist starting out)

5) Sphinx Pose This is a very gentle back bend that stretches and strengthens your spine and glutes. Sphinx is great if you struggle with basic lower back stretches

6) Downward Facing Dog I used to hate this stretch Until I started to feel its benefits. This stretch hits all the sweet spots: Glutes, hamstrings, spine, hips, and lower back. If you want to hit it all Hit the downward dog.

Use all 6 of these stretches every day when you wake up and before you go to bed: 1) Figure 4 2) Squat 3) Cat/Cow 4) Supine Twist 5) Sphinx Pose 6) Downward Facing Dog Consistency is key. Breathe through the tension and loosen those muscles. You got this! 👇

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