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From feeling excruciating, stabbing menstrual cramps & not being able to get out of bed for days, to not feeling an inch of pain anymore… How I overcame menstrual pain and won back 5 days of my life every month, without any medicines. [A doctor may never tell you this] 🧵

Menstrual pain is not normal. Yes, I say this as someone who suffered from cramps for years, Who couldn’t get out of bed for the first few days, Who took 3 painkillers every single month. And it boiled my blood when my parents said that fixing the pain was in my control…

Scrunched up like a ball in bed for practically 48 hours straight every month, I refused to believe that painless periods could even exist. In fact, my pain was so bad, that I thought the girls WITH painful periods were normal, and the ones who didn’t feel a thing were freaks.

At one point last year, the pain was so unbearable that even my usual painkillers didn't work. That’s when I got a few tests done & was told I had borderline PCOS. I was prescribed a much stronger painkiller And assumed that I would have to deal with the monthly pain for life.

That wasn’t true though. And I know this now, after 3 months of taking 0 painkillers for cramps. Because I feel no cramps. None. Zilch. Nada. And no, this isn’t a fluke. It’s an intentional lifestyle change I made to fix a problem that took away a week of my life each month:

I started taking Magnesium & Vit D supplements daily Increased protein: whey (50g) + eggs/ chicken Increased healthy fats: 1 glass raw milk + 2 tbsp olive oil Increased movement: workout (especially lower body), swimming, badminton Increased sleep hours: 7-9 hours every night

Yes, some women have extreme causes behind their extreme menstrual pain. They need medical intervention. However, in most women, especially young women, menstrual pain can be reduced drastically through simple, intentional lifestyle changes.

Reviewing & changing your lifestyle should be the first step you attempt in pursuit of your menstrual health. Lifestyle changes should be the FIRST attempt at a solution. You see, your pain may be caused due to lack of minerals…

The body needs minerals (& vitamins), especially when it is stressed - a lack of which has an additive effect on the body resulting in more and more pain for different reasons.

The body also needs movement (improves the blood & lymphatic flow) to make these minerals & vitamins reach where needed, and also remove waste & toxins. So body movement is integral to being healthy.

Menstrual cramps are often a symptom of deficiencies in your body (specifically Mg, Cu, Vit D, omega 3 oils), Combined with a lack of movement. (It is better to meet your mineral & vitamin requirements through food. Supplementation should be used to cover any shortfalls.)

Extreme menstrual cramps are also a cry for help from your body, demanding you to make lifestyle changes and heal it. The only question is - Are you body-aware, and are you listening to it?

I am lucky that I could make these lifestyle changes intentionally because my parents (both incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and health & fitness) could recommend something that would help me fix the pain at its root cause…

I am also lucky that I follow certain people online who’ve spoken about this issue and its solutions, and have made me chase the truly normal way of experiencing periods — painlessly … which is why I wrote this thread today. Hoping I can help someone achieve a new “normal” too.

NO ONE is ever going to tell you this. That’s why I wanted to. I encourage you to try it for yourself: 1. Test your Vit D levels (I guarantee they’re low) 2. Increase protein & healthy fats 3. Move every day 4. Strengthen your body 5. Sleep well You'll live the difference.

That’s all from me. If you found this thread helpful, please click the first tweet below and retweet. Share it with the women in your life who need to learn about this… And if you like, follow me @ShreyaPattar for more.

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