Baby who drank milk of Mata parvati herself -- life of thiru gnana Sambandar He was born in sirkazhi. Father name was sivapada hrudayar. Mother name was bhagavathi. Both were devout couples. By Grace of shiva. He was named sambandar. He attained age 2. All were happy.

Cry of child reaches shiva He was loved so much by parents. Father went to theerthakund for bath. Child adamant on going with his father. So he took him and placed him on steps and went to theerthakund for bath. He had habit of doing japa underwater. Seeing this child cried.

Mata parvati feed her milk Child started crying as he saw his father disappeared in water. Cry of child didn't reach father but it reached lord if sirkazhi. Shiva and parvati came to child and took care of him. Parvati gave her own milk with sivagnana to child. Child so happy

First pathigam Siva & Parvati played with child. Then they both disappeared. Father who finished his japa came & saw baby laughing with milk drop from his mouth. He took stick and told who gave him milk. Sambandar sing beautiful ten songs describing shiva. All were amazed

Thiru gnana Sambandar His father took him on his shoulder and danced joyfully. All came from far and near cities to see the divine child. As he got Siva gnana he was called gnana Sambandar. People respectfully addressed him as thiru gnana Sambandar.

Sambandar got golden bhajan talam Next day He went to thirukolakka and sang. Seeing his child clapping hands shiva felt this may pain child. So shiva appeared and gave him golden bhajan talam for singing. Temple still called as talapureeshwarar.

Sambandar yatra Sambandar decided to go yatra of shiva temples and sing shiva glory. Father took to his shoulder and went with him. He loved child so much that he can't even separated from him even for a second. Where ever he went he recieved grand welcome by people.

Sambandar receiving pearl palanquin Sambandar was traveling and visited many shiva temples. At arulthurai shiva thought of giving silver umbrella pearl palanquin to gnana Sambandar. He appeared on dream & told to priest there will be palanquin umbrella & silver fan at temple .

Take it and give it to sambandar. They suprised and saw 3 items as shiva told on temple. They gave it to sambandar with great joy. Sambandar overwhelmed by shiva Grace accepted it with joy. He visited many temples along shore of cauvery river.

Sambandar upanayanam With shiva's Grace and blessings upanayanam done grandly. After upanayanam vedic studies arranged for sambandar. But sambandar began to tell deeper meaning of Vedas easily. amazed on this they bowed down. Sambandar sang panchaksara pathigam there.

Meeting thiruneelakanda yazhpanar He was musician shiva devotee from srilanka. He always carried music instruments called yazh. He came to sambandar with his wife and asked sambandar to allow him to stay with him. Sambandar happily agreed. He only compiled musics for pathigams

Yazh poem Yazhpanar relatives teased sambandar music have sweetness only due to yazhpanar music. Hearing this he requested sambandar to recite a verse which couldn't be compiled music by yazh. Sambandar told s poem which couldn't composed by yazh. All were amazed.

Visited Chidambaram Sambandar visited Chidambaram. He saw smokes from yagyas covering clouds. He saw dikshitars there performing yagya for shiva. He got rare vision of all dikshita seen as shiva ganas to him. He sang poems in praise of them too.

Patteeswaram and Tiruvannamalai At patteeswaram it was hot sun so shiva told ganas to construct saminar made of pearls. Ganas did so and all joyed At thiruvannamalai he saw whole hill as shiva hence afraid to climb. So Mata parvati took sambandar in her arms & take him to temple

Yagya of his father Sambandar father decided to do grant yagyas. So a he requested sambandar. Sambandar sang a verse on shiva and on shivas order bhuta gana came and gave gold coin bag to his father. His father happily done yagyas without any hurdles.

Visiting other nayanmars Sambandar visited by chiru-thondar-nayanar and kungiliya kalaya nayanar. He also accepted yazhpanar into his troupe. He met muruganar nayanar and also thiru neelanakkar nayanar. Hearing about àppar he visited àppar and enjoyed great time with him.

Removing princess diseases At pachilasramam temple he saw kings daughter lies in motionless state & king was crying for cure of daughter to shiva. King told she was suffering from muyalagan deadly disease. Immediately sambandar sang the verse & she cured of diseases and woke up

Removing cold of devotees At Senkunrur, during his yatra Sambanthar found that the cold was very severe and that many people suffered on account of it. They entreated Sambanthar to alleviate their sufferings. Sambanthar sang a song & immediately, they were relieved of cold

Sirkazhi darshan and boat ride When sambandar reached shiva temple it was flooded. Immediately sambandar took boat & sang a song on shiva. Boat automatically reached next shore. Once when sambandar want to visit sirkazhi shiva gave darshan on Nandi with parvati Devi in midway.

Sambandar in kanchi When sambandar reached kanchi shivling turned a little sideway to hear sambandar singing song. When he sang song Vishnu statue melted and  was turned into shivling. Sambandar was given curd rice by shiva in disguise of old man.

Relieving girls sorrow When sambandar reached temple he saw girl crying with mabs body. When asked she told he was her fiance. Sambandar immediately sang verse and boy was came alive from dead. He was married to that girl in front of shivling as Sakshi

Meeting Appar Thiru-navuk-arasar was great devotee who had darshan of Siva. He want to meet Sambandar. Sambandar too want to meet thiru-navuk-arasar. Both met midway. Sambandar gave him name àppar. Both visited many temples together and sang verses on shiva.

Gold coin by shiva Severe drought hit city that time. Àppar and sambandar discussed it and prayed to shiva. Shiva told them not to worry. He will give 2 gold coins daily on East and West side of temple and with that shiva told both to buy grains ftom outside and feed people

Vedaranyam temple doors opening and closing Vedaranyam is where Vedas worshipped shiva. This temple was locked by king & for many years it was not opened. People used alternative door to enter temple. Àppar & sambandar saw this and decided to go there. They saw plight of devotees

Madurai vijayam They sang songs and doors opened and closed automatically. Then they both returned to sirkazhi. At that time men from Madurai came to sambandar to take him to Madurai on behest of queen mangayarkarasi. Àppar told not good time to go. Sambandar assured appar

Kolaru pathigam Sambandar sang famous kolaru pathigam which says shiva devotees doesn't need to fear grahas or time. As all will bless them. At behest of kulachirai and queen mangayarkarasi nayanar sambandar reached Madurai. King was moved out of shaivam.

Stomach pain of king He on advise of I'll minded one set fire on house sambandar stayed. Sambandar sang a poem on shiva and fire went into kings stomach causing huge misery. He finally after trying all cures agreed to call Sambandar for his curing

Curing stomach pain of king Sambandar cured stomach pain of king by singing famous thiruneeru pathigam. King fell at sambandar feet. king turned a shaiva. He was cured of his hunch back too hence he was called nindra seer nedumaran from then on. He too became one of nayanmar

Àppar carrying palanquin of sambandar. Àppar saw Sambandar victory at Madurai. He decided to take palanquin nof sambandar. When sambandar searching àppar voice from below came adiyen is here. Sambandar terrified went down & asked why àppar did this. Both again happily spent time

Sambandar at Kalahasti After bidding farewell to àppar he went on yatra. Sambandar reached thiruvalangadu and sang verse on shiva. When he reached Kalahasti he saw vision of kanappar and sang verses on him too.he got vision of Kedar Himalaya and Kailash darshan at Srikalahasti

Tree miracle At thiruvottiyur Sambandar saw sad farmer who said all his trees were male and not giving fruits. Hence Sambandar sang verse and immediately all trees started giving fruits. that trees still stands as testimony of this miracles

Sambandar in mylapore Sambandar reached kapaleeshwarar temple in mylapore. There lived great devotee named sivanesan Chettiar. He thought of giving his daughter poompavai to sambandar. But she died by snake bite at age 8. 8 years passed sambandar came to Mylapore.

he said whole sad incident and have his daughter Asti to sambandar. Sambandar sang verse on shiva and from that asti kalash 16 year old poompavai came back alive. All were amazed. He didn't accept poompavai as his wife as he gave her life so she became his daughter.

Sambandar marriage Sambandar reluctant to marriage but at parents request he agreed. Nambandar nambi daughter seen for sambandar. Many arrangement were made grandly. Sambandar like Prince came in palanquin. All devotees enjoyed the occassion as their own family function.

Nallur perumanam Sambandar came near uchinatheshwarar temple shiva gave food to everyone in disguise of priest. Muruganar thiruneela nakkar and yazhpanar too joined marriage troupe. Marriage troupe reached nallur perumanam temple. Sambandar was recieved by bride parents.

there Mata parvati gave vibhuti to all who came for marriage.Still Vibhuti is given there in Amman sannidhi. Sambandar marriage took place. Before seeing last Leela of thiru gnana Sambandar let us see life of 2 other nayanmars who joined Sambandar marriage function.

Muruga nayanar He was great devotee of shiva.he daily finished his nithyakarma was doing beautiful garland for shiva. He always chanted shiva name. Sambandar was friend to him. He too was invited for the marriage. Sambandar enjoyed his company very much.

Thiruneela nakkar He was Brahmin and great devotee of shiva. Once he and his wife went to shiva temple they saw spider covered web over shivling. Her wife removed it by blewing away. Husband said angrily scolded wife that she spit on shivling and abandoned her.

That night shiva appeared and told thiruneela nakkar that his whole body was swelled by spider bite but part which her wife blewed is cured. Realising his fault he asked apologies from wife and took her back home.Sambandar came and visited Neela nakkar house.

He hesitantly allowed yazhpanar as he thought they were from lower caste but as soon as they went near yagya sala it glown automatically. He realised his mistake. He too was present in sambandar marriage.

Merge with shiva Sambandar sang verse called namah shivaya pathigam asking for Mukti. Immediately bright shiva Jyoti appeared. sambandar with his wife and family merged in that Jyoti. Thiru Neela nakkar and yazhpanar and muruga nayanar and all others who came there merged with it

Legacy He was called as aludai Pillai means son of shiva . Also called as muTamil viragar. He was  also called as emperor of shaivas. Still his guru pooja widely celebrated in shiva temples and his thevaram called thirukadai kappu is widely sung and form 1st canto of thirumurai

Har har mahadev ki Jai

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